How Long Do Halfmoon Bettas Live?

Most halfmoon betta owners have some common questions. One of them being what is the average lifespan of halfmoon bettas.

Halfmoon betta is a long-lived fish that can live a maximum of up to 7-10 years. However, this lifespan mentioned can be ensured by providing them with suitable environment. They should be provided with a perfect living place, suitable temperature, proper diet, treatments, attention, and care.

There are lot of doubts among the owners regarding this topic which is why I have decided to cover this topic broadly in this article.

How Long Can A Halfmoon Betta Fish Live?

The average lifespan of Halfmoon betta fish is 3 to 5 years. Female Halfmoon betta lives longer than a male Halfmoon betta. Wild betta fish will only live half the time as domesticated betta fish. Because wild betta fish lives in polluted water and aggressive environment than domestic bettas. While buying you need to choose young betta because they will grow under your care and may live longer. 

As Halfmoon betta is a long-lived fish, you can expect it to live more years. You should ensure the best environment for Halfmoon betta fish. They prefer a warm water temperature to live healthily. Their immune system will be disturbed if aquarium water is not warm. 

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Proper diet and care are needed to complete their lifespan. Treatments should be given if necessary as well as basic care should be given and it should be noticed that they are not injured to avoid diseases and harm.

Here’s more information given in detail about how Halfmoon bettas live:

Life Cycle

Halfmoon begins as a small egg. The age from 5 weeks to 9 weeks old is considered juvenile or adolescent. The size of the juvenile betta is approximately 1.9 inches.

Halfmoon bettas change in their body and show their colors in the juvenile stage. At that time they start growing tails and fins. By the age of 3 months, they are sexually mature. Once they sexually matured, they are considered an adult.

The age between 3 months to 7 months of Halfmoon betta is known as an adult. An adult Halfmoon betta fish reaches a maximum of 3 inches when fully grown. They survive a few months as an adult. 

Their lifespan depends on the place and food they get. In captivity, Halfmoon bettas live longer because they get a safe and clean environment to grow than wild bettas. Wild bettas are more prone to aggressive and polluted environments.

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Where Do Halfmoon Bettas Live More?

Halfmoon betta’s lifespan and growth are directly related to their environment. Halfmoon bettas can live healthily and happily in warm water temperatures. You need to ensure warm water, a suitable pH level, non-hardness of water, and enough space to grow. As they are tropical region fish so you should ensure a perfect environment possible for them.

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Tank water should be warm because Halfmoon bettas cannot survive in cool water. Cool water weakens their immune system and causes various diseases. The heater should be managed to keep the tank water warm always.

There should be at least 5 gallons in the aquarium with lots of plants. Halfmoon bettas need enough space to grow. A small tank will cause them stress and shorter life expectancy. So the tank should have enough space to grow and this will increase its lifespan.

Another name for Halfmoon bettas is Siamese fighting fish. So tankmates should be chosen wisely otherwise they will start a fight and can get injured. This aggressive-natured fish may sometimes continue fighting to the death. Thus, their tankmates should be gentle, have small tails, and tend to keep to themselves.

How To Make Sure Halfmoon Bettas Lives Longer?

Taking care of Halfmoon betta fish is quite easy because it requires basic care as other betta fish. Below I have discussed the necessary steps you can take to make sure halfmoon bettas live longer.

1. The Tank Needs To Be Top Notch

Water parameters and a clean tank should be maintained correctly. The tank should have enough space and suitable tankmates otherwise Halfmoon bettas will be stressed. Stress will affect your Halfmoon betta and lead to a shorter lifespan. Like other fish, Halfmoon bettas like to hide or need a break. So they need plastic or real plant inside the aquarium.

2. Proper Diet Needs To Be Assured

A proper diet can help Halfmoon to live long. Halfmoon betta fish are mostly carnivorous fish which means their diet cannot consist on plant material solely. Therefore, they should be provided with mostly animal protein. Insect larvae, bloodworms, shrimp brine, daphnia, and other meaty fish foods. 

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You should avoid overfeeding because they have a short digestive channel. You should ensure that you must completely avoid overfeeding your betta. You should remove leftover food to keep the tank water clean.

3. Proper Treatment Needs To Be Ensured

Halfmoon bettas can get sick so you should provide them with proper treatment. You should keep in contact with a veterinarian who treats fish if you want your Halfmoon to live long and healthily. Proper care should be taken to avoid diseases. 

Halfmoon bettas should be observed so that they don’t get injured. Other pets like cats and dogs should be kept away from the tank so Halfmoon betta will not feel threatened. Halfmoon betta fish should be kept stress free, happy, and healthy to improve their life expectancy. 

Wrapping Up

So, we have got a proper idea about how long do Halfmoon bettas live. If you want to know more about whether halfmoon bettas are easily available or not then you can read out my next article: Are Halfmoon Bettas Rare?

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