How Long Do Dumbo Bettas Live?

Who doesn’t want to keep such an ornated betta species named Dumbo bettas that have large pectoral fins like elephant ears? No wonder you must want a long-term company of your Dumbo bettas. That’s why a common question may pop into your mind- how long do Dumbo bettas live?

Generally, Dumbo bettas can thrive for 3-5 years in proper care. However, there are some cases recorded where Dumbo bettas lived up to 10 years. The lifespan of Dumbo bettas depends on the environment and care received from their owners.

You might have other questions in mind about the life expectancy of Dumbo bettas. In this article, I’ve explained the average lifespan, how long Dumbo bettas can live in the wild and captivity, and ways to prolong the lifespan.

So, you must not miss this article if you want a long lifespan of your Dumbo betta. Let’s go through the details of this article.

Average Lifespan Of Dumbo Bettas

According to the experts, the average lifespan of Dumbo bettas ranges from 2 to 5 years. But, this doesn’t mean that your Dumbo betta can only live into this range. You can increase the average lifespan of your pet Dumbo betta by improving their lifestyle.

In maximum cases, many Dumbo bettas survive only 1 year. Predators and shortage of food are other reasons for such a short lifespan of Dumbo bettas in the wild. On the contrary, many beginners can not fulfill all requirements of these unique bettas that shorten their lifespan.

How Long Do Dumbo Bettas Live In Wild?

Like all fish, Dumbo bettas need to fight against all odds in the wild. That’s why the lifespan of wild Dumbo bettas is shorter than the captived Dumbo bettas.

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Generally, Dumbo bettas can survive for 1-2 years in the wild. In rare cases, the wild Dumbo bettas can survive over 3 years in the wild.

The wild Dumbo bettas live in shallow water areas, ditches, rice paddies, and other polluted water areas. These wild Dumbo bettas tend to evolve themselves in a way to survive in low oxygen.

However, the lifespan often gets shortened since wild bettas may not get sufficient food in such a hostile environment. Besides, the wild Dumbo bettas need to constantly hide to save from predators. Because of unexpected predations, many wild Dumbo bettas may not reach the highest average lifespan.

How Long Do Dumbo Bettas Live In Captivity?

Proper care and attention can ensure the longevity of Dumbo betta. That’s why Dumbo bettas tend to live longer than wild Dumbo bettas.

Generally, Dumbo bettas can live long for 3-5 years in captivity. If the genetics of your Dumbo betta is good, your betta can live above 5 years with good care in captivity.

Since any Dumbo betta owners do not keep any predatory fish in the same tank, there are no risks to the lives of your betta in captivity. In addition, the captived Dumbo betta does not have to worry about constant food sources.

A nutritious diet for captived Dumbo betta makes longer lifespan than wild bettas. Your Dumbo bettas can accompany you for a longer time if you ensure good care of these bettas.

Ideal Water Parameters For Betta Tank

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How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Dumbo Betta?

The ultimate condition to prolong the lifespan of your Dumbo betta is to fulfill its basic needs. Your additional care can increase their lifespan. Let’s take a look at the following tips for your Dumbo betta.

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1. Buy A Healthy Dumbo Betta

Before you set up goals for longevity, you should buy a Dumbo betta with good health. Genetics plays a significant role in the life expectancy of your pet betta. Sometimes, the local stores sell sick betta fish. Some of them are also deformed.

Moreover, commercial farms tend to keep many bettas together with poor nourishment. To target large profits, they put the health of Dumbo bettas at risk. That’s why you should buy Dumbo bettas from reliable dealers or trusted breeders.

2. Choose The Right Aquarium

Beginners can not often choose the right aquarium for their bettas. Depending on the age and number, you should buy an aquarium with the right water capacity.

Make sure to provide enough room for your Dumbo betta. Otherwise, the small aquarium can make your Dumbo bettas stressed where they can’t move their flowy fins.

3. Change Water Regularly

You might know that Dumbo bettas are sensitive to water changes. In maximum cases, Dumbo betta dies due to poor water quality. To prolong the lifespan of your betta, you must ensure ideal water parameters in your Dumbo betta tank.

That’s why you should change a specific share of water regularly. It’ll help control the pH level of the water.

Besides, Dumbo betta may generate biological wastes constantly. There will remain the leftovers, rotten plants, etc. These decaying products can cause ammonia and nitrite to spike in the water.

Another reason for the premature death of your Dumbo betta is these spikes. To avoid such chaos, you should adjust a good filtration system with the Dumbo betta tank.

4. Provide A Nutritious Diet

If you continue to feed the same foods to your Dumbo betta, it’ll suffer from malnutrition. In the wild, Dumbo betta tends to eat small crustaceans, worms, larvae, smaller shrimp, fish eggs, etc. So, you must fulfill the need for meaty fiber for your Dumbo betta in captivity.

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Moreover, feeding other fish foods to your Dumbo betta will not fulfill the needs of your betta. You must feed specially formulated foods that are made for bettas. In addition, you should focus on high-quality foods to prolong the lifespan of your Dumbo betta.

5. Keep An Ideal Temperature Range

Another secret of the longevity of Dumbo bettas is to keep a constant temperature range. Although Dumbo bettas can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, you shouldn’t let the temperature fluctuate.

Moreover, low or high temperatures can make your Dumbo betta stressed. Your Dumbo betta can thrive well in the temperature range of 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Remove Stress Factors

If you want to increase the lifespan of your Dumbo betta, you should keep them happy and healthy. For this, you should remove all kinds of stress factors for Dumbo betta in captivity.

Firstly, you can not keep aggressive and larger tank mates than your Dumbo bettas. While choosing tank mates, you should select compatible tank mates that do not hurt your betta.

Besides, you should provide lots of hideouts in the Dumbo betta tank. You can also make the tank plant-based. Make sure not to overcrowd your Dumbo betta tank.

In addition, your Dumbo betta can get stressed due to poor water quality. You should also keep the Dumbo betta tank in such a place with less availability of bright lighting. It can cause stress to your betta.

Lastly, you should take proper measurements if you notice any signs of illness in your Dumbo betta. Do not give medications without the prescriptions of the professionals.

Final Words

I hope you got a clear idea about the lifespan of Dumbo bettas and ways to prolong their lifespan. There’s another fascinating betta fish named Veiltail betta. If you want to know about their lifespan, you should check out the following article.

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