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How Long Can Cherry Shrimp Go Without Food?

It was a long day, and it took hours for me to get back to my aquarium. I rushed to it as my fish were starving for a long time. Though my fish showed desperation when I dropped their food in there, the cherry shrimp somehow showed no response. Maybe they weren’t hungry at all. That made me wonder – how long can they go without food?

Cherry shrimp can easily live for one to two weeks without food. But if the tank is full of algae and well-established, they can live for months without other food.

Now, the question is, how can such a small arthropod survive without food for so long? Well, that’s what I will tell you in this article. Keep scrolling!

7 Factors That Help Cherry Shrimp To Live Without Food

I often say –

“In the world of aquariums, Cherry Shrimp teach us the art of patience and resilience, often going days without a feast.”

But that doesn’t come out of the blue. Certain factors determine how long a cherry shrimp is going to survive without food, and the list starts with –

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1. Shrimp Age

With age, the resilience level of cherry shrimp goes up. This is the same thing that helps them to go longer without food. So, the chances of survival of adult shrimp are higher than juveniles or babies when there’s a food shortage. Plus, younger shrimp need to eat more frequently than adults. That proves that adults can sustain hunger better.

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2. Tank Conditions

The duration of sustenance of cherry shrimp depends a lot on the tank’s condition. A fish tank must be well-maintained and have stable water parameters and good-quality of water.

If these things are ensured, the shrimp has a higher chance of surviving longer without food. On the contrary, poor water quality will do nothing but stress out the shrimp and cut down their survival time.

3. Water Temperature

A few factors affect the shrimp’s metabolic rate, and water temperature is one of them. When the temperature is warmer, it’ll help increase their metabolic activity and lead to higher needs for food.

On the other hand, if the temperature is cooler, it’ll do the opposite and help the shrimp live longer without food.

4. Natural Food Sources

This might look like an odd point here, but it’s not. When the shrimp gets an established aquarium, natural food sources will likely develop. Yes, I’m talking about biofilm/small organisms and algae. So, even if you’re not feeding them directly, these natural sources will help them to live longer.

5. The Shrimp’s Health

If the health of the shrimp is top-notch and well-fed, their chances of survival will also be higher. Properly fed shrimp develop a strong life force that can make them go a long time without the next meal. But when the shrimp are stressed or malnourished, they will only sustain for a short time without food.

6. Species Variability

When it comes to fasting, different shrimp species show different levels of resilience. Some of the species are comparatively hardy and sustain tougher atmospheres, such as scarcity of food. But some of the other species don’t come with the toughness there.

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7. Individual Variability

Similarly to any other living organism out there, the ability to withstand a ‘foodless’ period can vary in shrimp as well. Some of them might develop a strong resilience to hunger, even if they weren’t well nourished earlier.

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Why It Matters To Know How Long Cherry Shrimp Can Survive Without Food?

You’re probably wondering – why you need to know this when feeding the shrimp regularly. There are some reasons, and I’m sure you’ll agree with them too.

1. Going On A Vacation

When you’re going on a vacation, you might not always have someone to feed your shrimp. So, when you know how long they can sustain without food, it’ll be easier for you to plan a vacation.

2. Avoid Overfeeding

Like saving the shrimp from starving, avoiding overfeeding is essential for any aquarium owner. So, you need to know how long they can and should go without food. Otherwise, you might overfeed them. Plus, excessive food in the water might deteriorate water quality.

shrimp feeding tips and diet infographic

Before We Go…

Cherry shrimp can indeed survive a long time without food. But do they have to do that in the wild, too? Definitely not. But what do they eat in the wild that they don’t even need to think of going long without food? Well, I’ve got some answers to that, and they’re here – What Do Red Cherry Shrimp Eat In The Wild? All you have to do is just click.

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