How Big Do Plakat Bettas Get?

Since I’ve kept Plakat bettas for several years, I’ve found out that their beauty flaunts along with their maturity and age. If you’re an owner of Plakat bettas, you may wait to see the full growth with splendacious elegance. So, a common question may pop into your mind- how big do Plakat bettas get?

Generally, a full-grown Plakat betta may reach 2-3 inches in length. The size of a Plakat betta depends upon several factors, like habitation, diet, care, gender, and other facilities. But, the highest size of a Plakat betta is limited to 3 inches, even if it is a giant Plakat betta.

In this article, I’ve delved into the size differences between male and female Plakat bettas, ways of enhancing the size of Plakat bettas, and other additional information. So, let’s go through this article to learn more about the growth of a Plakat betta fish.

Key Takeaways

  • In maximum cases, Plakat bettas can grow up to 2.5 inches.
  • The limit of growth for Plakat bettas is only 3 inches. But, these bettas do not always reach this length.
  • Unlike other betta fish, the male and female Plakat betta fish do not have much noticeable size difference.
  • However, there are some environmental triggers that you can boost up to achieve the maximum growth of your Plakat betta.

What Is The Maximum Size Of A Plakat Betta?

Not all betta lovers are fond of fancy fins and tails in betta fish. You might know that wild betta fish do not have brighter coloration or fancy fins. In the same way, Plakat betta fish tend to have similar physical attributes to their wild counterparts.

Due to having a less dramatic tail, Plakat bettas do not become as large as other betta species. On the spectrum of betta fish varieties, Plakat betta fish are on the list of smaller tropical fish.

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The average size of a Plakat betta fish ranges from 2 to 3 inches. Excellent care, nutrition, and good genetics can influence the growth of a Plakat betta fish into 3 inches. But, these adorable bettas do not grow more than 3 inches. In maximum cases, the size of a Plakat betta reaches only 2.5 inches.

Plakat Betta originates from Southeast Asia, primarily in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

How Big Do Male Plakat Bettas Get?

If you observe male and female betta fish, you may notice the size difference between the two genders. Generally, male betta fish tend to be larger and more prominent than female betta fish. But, it’s tricky to identify the gender of Plakat betta fish through their sizes.

Male Plakat betta fish look almost similar to the wild betta fish due to their shorter tail. Since Plakat betta fish are popular for their shorter fins, these bettas do not grow over 3 inches. The highest size of a male Plakat betta fish is 3 inches in length.

How Big Do Female Plakat Bettas Get?

In cases of female betra fish, it’s pretty easy to identify them by their shorter size. But, male and female Plakat betta fish are almost similar in size.

The average size of an adult female Plakat betta ranges from 2-2.5 inches. Due to having a stubbier appearance, female Plakat bettas look a bit shorter than male Plakat bettas. But, these female Plakat bettas do not grow longer than 3 inches.

How Can I Increase The Size Of My Plakat Betta?

Although Plakat bettas are low-maintenance pets, you can play a crucial role in enhancing the size of your Plakat betta. Although Plakat betta can not grow over a specific limit, manipulating the lifestyle and surrounding environment of your Plakat betta can boost their growth. I’ve researched for a while about the triggering factors that increase the sizes of betta fish.

Let’s take a look at the following ## tips that will aid in achieving the maximum growth of your Plakat betta fish.

1. Buying Healthy Plakat Betta

If your Plakat betta is not healthy beforehand, you can’t see its maximum growth under all conveniences. Genetics plays a significant role in the growth of a Plakat betta. Some breeders do not focus on the health of Plakat betta fish for their business profit. Also, not all stores provide a healthy environment to these poor souls.

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As a result, you might choose an unhealthy Plakat betta. In such cases, a good environment or proper nutrition can’t fix their health fully. So, the very first tip to maximize growth is to choose a healthy Plakat betta from any reliable breeder or store.

2. Keeping In A Large Space

You might notice that the breeders or betta sellers keep Plakat bettas in small cups or bowls in the store. To avoid the aggression of tank mates, the sellers need to keep each Plakat betta separated in a small space. If you get inspired by the sellers to keep your Plakate betta in such a small space, you will be making a horrible mistake.

To increase the size of your Plakat betta, you should remove all stress factors from your betta. A large tank will provide greater space for your Plakat betta to roam around comfortably. In such a stress-free home, your Plakat betta may reach a bit longer length.

However, you shouldn’t think that your Plakat betta will grow as much as the space of the tank. However, larger tank space can manipulate the growth of Plakat betta. Several researches show how betta fish can grow 0.1-0.25 inches more in a large tank.

3. Change The Water Frequently

Several studies show that betta fish release a hormone in the water that inhibits their growth. For this reason, changing water can be a good formula to increase the size of your Plakat betta fish. But, the experts discourage making over 50% water change at a time.

4. Providing Nutritious Food

Feeding high-quality protein regularly can have a positive impact on the growth of your Plakat betta fish. You should include betta-specific pellets, wafers, flakes, etc. To boost the diet, you can feed bloodworms, earthworms, mashed shrimp, and other nutritious natural foods.

Also, you can start giving supplements and vitamins to strengthen the immune system of your Plakat betta. Make sure not to underfeed or overfeed your betta.

The stress coming from excess feeding can hinder the growth of Plakat betta fish. In the same way, you should ensure that your Plakat betta is not suffering from malnutrition.

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Plakat Bettas are bubble nest builders. The male builds a bubble nest at the water’s surface and guards the eggs until they hatch.

5. Maintaining Good Water Quality

To help your Plakat betta get the highest length, you need to keep the betta happy and stress-free. Since your Plakat bettas are aquatic creatures, poor water quality can make your betta stressed. No betta fish can achieve their full growth under stressed conditions.

Hence, you should monitor the pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels of the water regularly. You should also keep a good filtration system to cycle the tank water.

Make sure that the filtration system doesn’t have any strong current. Otherwise, your Plakat betta will remain stressed if it fails to swim comfortably for the strong flow of the filter. 

6. Keeping An Ideal Water Temperature

You might notice how motionless your Plakat betta tend to be in cold temperature. If the water temperature becomes low, your Plakat betta will be susceptible to diseases.

It’ll affect the entire health of your Plakat betta so ridiculously that your betta will not reach its maximum length. To ensure the full growth of your Plakat betta, you must keep the ideal temperature in the water that ranges from 72-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Avoiding Territorial Tankmates

Your Plakat betta fish may fail to develop fully when these fish remain in a hostile environment. Also, your Plakat betta can not tolerate the presence of other territorial fish in their domain.

To avoid their fighting, you must choose compatible tank mates for your Plakat betta fish. It’ll prevent stress, which is the root cause behind the hindrance of full growth in a betta fish.

Before You Go…

I hope you’ve got a full overview of the average and maximum growth of Plakat betta, the ways of increasing the betta size, and other information regarding their size. If you’re enthusiastic about the growth of betta species, the size of Dumbo betta fish may fascinate you. To know more details, let’s take a look at the following article.

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