How Big Do Dumbo Bettas Get?

Dumbo Betta Lifespan How Big Do Dumbo Bettas Get?

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Do you want to fit Your Dumbo betta in your aquarium that has enlarged pectoral fins? Then, you should know about the size of these bettas known as Elephant Ear betta. So, people often ask in betta forums- how big do Dumbo bettas get?

The size of Dumbo bettas varies according to their gender, habitat, and convenience of other facilities. However, the average size of Dumbo bettas ranges from 2 inches to 2.5 inches. But, your Elephant Ear betta can get big up to 3.5 inches under proper care.

In this article, I’ve shared some tips to increase the size of Dumbo bettas, other information about male and female Dumbo bettas’ size, etc. So, you can take a look at this article if you are keen to know about Dumbo betta size.

How Big Do Male Dumbo Betta Get?

Like all species of betta, male Dumbo bettas get bigger than female Dumbo bettas. When your male Dumbo betta reaches its maturity, it can be around 3-3.25 inches long. You can notice your male Dumbo betta to become as large as 6-7 cm.

Another reason behind the size difference between male and female Dumbo bettas is their body shape. Male Dumbo bettas have elongated body shapes.

Moreover, male Dumbo bettas have more pronounced and larger dorsal and caudal fins. Including the size of the tail, your male Dumbo bettas can reach up to 2.75-3 inches on average.

How Big Do Female Dumbo Betta Get?

The female Dumbo bettas are almost similar sized to the male Dumbo bettas. But, female Dumbo bettas look shorter than male bettas due to their less pronounced fins. In addition, the caudal fin or tail of a female Dumbo betta is shorter than a male Dumbo betta.

On average, a female Dumbo betta can grow up to 2.5 inches (6.5 cm). The average size of female Dumbo bettas is 2-2.5 inches.

However, the maximum size of a female Dumbo betta can be achieved with proper care and attention. Within 6-7 months of birth, a Dumbo betta can reach its highest length.

Size Differences Between Male And Female Dumbo Betta

The very first difference between male and female Dumbo betta can be seen in their size. By observing the appearance, you can tell that the larger Dumbo bettas are male bettas. It’s a natural trait among male bettas to get bigger to attract female bettas.

However, the size difference between male and female Dumbo bettas isn’t too high. The highest size of a female Dumbo betta is 2.5 inches, whereas the maximum size of a male Dumbo betta is 3 inches.

So, the size difference between these male and female Dumbo bettas is only about 0.5-1 inch. Moreover, the tail and fin lengths are noticeably different among these bettas.

Dumbo Betta Fish How Big Do Dumbo Bettas Get?

How Can I Increase My Dumbo Betta Size?

Who doesn’t want to see the best version of their betta? You can maintain a few things to increase the size of your Dumbo betta. Let’s check out the following tips.

1. Buy A Healthy Dumbo Betta

If you want to see full growth in your Dumbo betta, you should buy a healthy betta at the very beginning. Genetics play a crucial role to let your Dumbo betta reach its full size. Sick or deformed Dumbo betta can not be as big as other healthy betta.

That’s why you should check the sign of illness or deformation before buying a Dumbo betta. Besides, you should buy your Dumbo betta from reliable sources. Sometimes, bettas do not receive proper care in the stores of commercial dealers. After bringing them home, these bettas fail to develop properly due to their previous poor upbringing.

2. Large Tank Size

It’s not anything like that your Dumbo betta will grow as big as the tank. But, keeping your betta in a large tank can affect their size.

When you keep your Dumbo betta in a large tank, your betta will get a large space to swim and move around. A small tank may feel congested to your Dumbo. If your betta is stressed, it’ll not become fully developed. A large tank can increase around 0.1-0.25 inches in your Dumbo betta.

3. Provide A High-Quality Diet

If you want to increase your Dumbo betta size, you should provide your betta high-quality diet. Foods keep a huge effect on the growth of Dumbo bettas. In addition, you must feed varieties of nutritious foods to your Dumbo betta in proper quantity.

To ensure the full development of your Dumbo betta, you should choose betta-specific foods. You can feed your Dumbo betta natural foods, flakes, pallets, wafers, freeze-dried foods, etc. But, not all fish food will be suitable for the health of your Dumbo betta.

However, you must avoid overfeeding your Dumbo betta. It can make your Dumbo betta stressed, which prevents its highest growth.

4. Keep Good Water Quality

To increase the size of your Dumbo betta, you must keep your betta healthy and happy. For this, you must keep the water quality ideal. You should maintain the stable pH, temperature, and water hardness of your Dumbo betta tank.

You might know that Dumbo bettas are susceptible to stress in cooler temperatures. Besides, high ammonia and nitrite levels make your betta inactive. Dumbo betta can’t develop fully in water of poor quality.

That’s why you should cycle the tank water regularly. Don’t forget to add a powerful filter to your Dumbo betta tank. If you create such a sound habit, your Dumbo betta will grow to its maximum length.

5. Do Not Keep Territorial Tank Mates

In the wild, maximum Dumbo betta can not reach their maximum size because of their short lifespan. After all, many bettas become prey to their predators before reaching their highest length.

For this reason, you must not keep any aggressive tank mates in your Dumbo betta tank. Besides, larger tank mates can make your Dumbo betta stressed by bullying and hurting them. Not to mention, this stress prevents the growth of bettas.

Final Words

I hope this article could clear up your confusion about the size of Dumbo bettas. Along with Dumbo betta, you can also keep Crowntail bettas in the same tank. Before keeping Crowntail bettas, you should know about their sizes. For this, the following article can help you.

How Big Do Crowntail Bettas Get?

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