How Big Do Crowntail Bettas Get?


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Crowntail bettas have such fascinating tails and fins that you should provide them proper space according to their size. People often wonder whether Crowntail bettas can grow or not. In the betta forum, a common question gets circulated- how big do Crowntail bettas get?

Generally, Crowntail betta fish can reach up to 2.5 inches. Sometimes, these Crowntail bettas can grow up to 3 inches because of getting proper facilities. Within 6-7 months, you can notice your Crowntail betta fish achieving their full growth.

There are also some triggering factors for Crowntail betta fish growth. In this article, I’ve summed up all information about Crowntail betta fish size, male vs female Crowntail betta growth, etc. 

You can also learn about how you can encourage your Crowntail betta fish to reach up to its full size from this write-up. So, let’s check out this article to know more about Crowntail betta fish growth.

How Big Will My Crowntail Betta Get?

Crowntail bettas are vibrantly colorful bettas with stunningly large swoopy tails. When you bring Crowntail bettas as pets, you might wonder about the tank size to keep these fish with fancy tails. Before choosing the tank size, you should know how big your Crowntail bettas can get.

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In the wild, the full-grown Crowntail betta fish may grow up to 2 inches. Due to living in a hostile environment, many Crowntail bettas can not reach their full maturity.

Since a pet Crowntail betta fish receives all facilities to grow, it may reach its peak growth. The maximum size of a matured Crowntail betta fish is around 3-3.5 inches.

However, the genetics and health of each Crowntail betta fish play a crucial role in determining their size. Other environmental factors can influence the growth of Crowntail betta fish.

How Big Do Male Crowntail Betta Fish Get?

Generally, Male Crowntail bettas are larger than female Crowntail bettas. If you notice carefully, you can find a difference in tail size between male and female Crowntail bettas. The tail of female Crowntail bettas does not reach the equal length of male Crowntail bettas’ tail.

The maximum size of male Crowntail bettas is around 2.5-3 inches. But, the female Crowntail bettas remain a bit shorter by growing up to only 2-2.5 inches.

How Can I Increase My Crowntail Betta Fish Growth?

No wonder that Crowntail Betta can get big and beautiful. If you buy a small Crowntail betta, your upbringing can help your betta fish to grow bigger. 

There are a few factors that can help your Crowntail betta fish growth. To encourage the full growth of your Crowntail betta, you can check out the following tips.

1. Keeping Crowntail Betta In A Big Tank

Sometimes, people ask whether Crowntail betta fish can grow to the size of their tank. But, it’s a myth. 

Although your Crowntail betta fish can not grow to the size of their tank, a large tank encourages the full growth of your betta fish. If you keep your Crowntail betta in a small bowl or jar, it’ll not get enough room to flitter their fancy tails and fins.

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Moreover, the water of a small tank becomes foul soon. If you do not maintain the ideal parameters of your Crowntail betta tank, your betta may have premature death before reaching its full maturity. You must keep a single Crowntail betta fish in at least a 10-15 gallon tank.

2. Feeding Nutritious Foods

To ensure growth, you should feed a nutritious diet for your Crowntail betta fish. Make sure to keep your pet betta fish happy with the quantity of their meal.

To encourage fast growth, the experienced owners suggest feeding newly hatched brine shrimp. Besides, you can feed homemade foods and commercial pallets to your Crowntail betta fish. 

But, you should not overfeed your Crowntail betta. Overfeeding can kill your betta fish before growing up to their maximum size.

3. Ensuring Proper Exposure To Lighting

The researchers found an influence of light exposure on betta fish growth. You should keep at least 8-12 hours of lighting exposure for your Crowntail betta fish. 

4. Keeping Ideal Temperature 

Temperature plays a crucial role in the growth of Crowntail betta fish. If you keep your Crowntail betta in cooler temperatures for a long period, its growth will stop. The metabolism rate and other physical functions of betta get slower at a lower temperature. 

To encourage the growth of Crowntail betta, you should maintain an optimal temperature in their tank. The optimal temperature for Crowntail betta is around 76-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Avoid Aggressive Tank Mates For Crowntail Betta 

If you want to see your Crowntail betta in its maximum size, you should help your betta reach its full maturity. For that, you should not keep aggressive tank mates for Crowntail betta that may swallow or hurt your pet betta. 

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By not keeping harmful tank mates in your betta tank, you can encourage your Crowntail betta fish for growing up to its highest length.

Before You Go

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