Halfmoon Betta Size: How Big Do They Get?

If you have a blooming flower-like betta named Halfmoon betta, you may wonder about its size. Besides, you need to bring an aquarium of the right size depending on the size of your Halfmoon betta. Hence, people often ask in several betta forums- how big do Halfmoon bettas get?

When Halfmoon Betta reaches its maturity, it can grow up to 3 inches. The average size of Halfmoon bettas ranges from 2.25-2.75 inches.

The growth of Halfmoon bettas varies on several factors. Such as the gender of Halfmoon bettas, nutrition and diet, water quality, etc. In this article, I’ve explained how big male and female Halfmoon bettas get, the size comparison between male and female Halfmoon bettas, and other information.

So, let’s go through the article without any additional ado.

How Big Do Male Halfmoon Bettas Get?

Male Halfmoon bettas tend to have more pronounced fins and tails than female Halfmoon bettas. So, you can expect your male Halfmoon bettas to get a bit bigger than the female Halfmoon bettas.

Your male Halfmoon betta reaches its fullest length within 6-7 months after birth. These beautiful betta fish can grow up to 2.5 inches. Sometimes, their tails become so large and flowing that their size reaches 3 inches.

At What Age Do Halfmoon Bettas Reach Full Size?

The growth of Halfmoon Betta depends on several factors. Depending on how well-kept your Halfmoon bettas are, their growth becomes faster.

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Generally, Halfmoon bettas reach their highest size in their 7th month.  At the age of 6-7 months, Halfmoon bettas become fully developed. But, these bettas can still grow after the 7th month.

How Big Do Female Halfmoon Bettas Get?

The female Halfmoon bettas are a bit smaller than the male Halfmoon bettas. If your female Halfmoon bettas are fully developed, they can be as big as 2.25 inches. Including the tail, female Halfmoon bettas can reach up to 2.5 inches.

Do Male Halfmoon Bettas Get Bigger?

It’s pretty natural in the world of bettas for male bettas to get bigger than female bettas. After all, the male bettas need to attract the female bettas to mate. That’s why, it becomes a center of attraction among female bettas to choose larger male betta partners.

Like all species of bettas, male Halfmoon bettas get bigger than female Halfmoon bettas. The size difference between male and female Halfmoon bettas can be 0.5 to 1.5 inches.

You can notice differences in body shape and tail sizes among male and female Halfmoon bettas. The male Halfmoon bettas have elongated bodies, whereas the female Halfmoon bettas have wider bodies.

Moreover, you can notice more prominent and longer tail fins among male Halfmoon bettas. In addition, the ventral fins of male Halfmoon bettas are also noticeably longer than those of female Halfmoon bettas. The length and thickness of ventral, dorsal, and caudal fins create size differences among male and female Halfmoon bettas.

How Can I Increase My Halfmoon Betta Size?

If you notice the differences between wild Halfmoon betta and captived Halfmoon betta, the wild Halfmoon betta can not have full growth as a captived betta. Since the wild bettas need to survive in a hostile environment, they do not have proper development.

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On the contrary, the captive Halfmoon betta need not fight for food, survival from predators, and so on. So, there are chances to increase your Halfmoon betta size by fixing a few parameters.

The size of Halfmoon Betta does not only rely upon their genetics. Other environmental conditions, diet, and stress factors can help your Halfmoon betta achieve their full growth and development. I’ve mentioned a few factors which can increase your Halfmoon betta size. Let’s go through the following parameters.

1. Right Tank Size

There’s a popular belief that the betta size increases due to keeping in a bigger tank. The fact is that your Halfmoon betta will not get as big as the tank size. But, a smaller tank size can make your Halfmoon betta stressed. Stress can put a negative effect on the growth of your Halfmoon betta.

For this reason, choosing a tank of the right size is a significant condition for increasing your Halfmoon betta size. A study shows that bettas can grow 0.1-0.25 inches more due to keeping in a huge tank. However, you must ensure that the larger space should not make your Halfmoon betta feel lonely.

2. Good Diet

Proper nutrition booms the development of Halfmoon bettas. If you want to see full growth of your Halfmoon betta, you must ensure a strong immune system of your betta.

That’s why you should maintain a good and nutritious diet for your Halfmoon betta. Make sure that your Halfmoon betta can consume the proper amount of protein and fiber from their diet. Along with regular foods, you can feed your Halfmoon betta commercial pallets or flakes.

If you are confused about the ideal feeding schedule of a Halfmoon betta, you can go through this write-up: How often do you feed a Halfmoon betta?

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3. Compatible Tank Mates

Another stress factor that stops the growth of your betta fish is aggressive tank mates. If you keep territorial tank mates in the tank of your Halfmoon betta, those tank mates will bully and hurt your betta. Besides, the larger tank mates can gobble up your Halfmoon betta before reaching its maximum length.

Before choosing tank mates, you should know about the temperament of your Halfmoon betta. So, you can take help from this article: are Halfmoon bettas less aggressive?

4. Sufficient Sunlight

Your Halfmoon betta should get sufficient sunlight to get proper development. Sunlight is essential to help your Halfmoon betta maintain a schedule of day and night.

Due to getting sufficient sunlight, your betta fish can remain active. Moreover, sunlight helps your Halfmoon betta digest their foods properly. As a result, your Halfmoon betta will

5. Proper Environmental Condition

To ensure the highest growth of your Halfmoon betta, you should provide a sound environment to your betta. Keep the water temperature within the ideal range. Too low or high temperature can stress out your Halfmoon betta.

Moreover, low temperatures can slow down the growth rate of your Halfmoon betta. Besides, you should change the tank water regularly. The researchers found that betta emits a kind of hormone in the water.

This excreted hormone hinders the full development or growth of your Halfmoon betta. That’s why you must make water changes regularly for the maximum growth of your betta.

Final Words

I hope this article helped you receive a clear idea about how big Halfmoon Betta can get. Have you wondered about the lifespan of these beautiful bettas with half-moon-shaped tails? Then, you must take a look at the following article.

How Long Do Halfmoon Bettas Live?

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