Do Newts Eat Fish?

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Some owners find it fascinating to keep newts and fish together in a tank. Although mixing newts with fish in a tank together may sound intriguing, you may be gambling with the lives of these two types of living. So, a curiosity may pop into your mind- do newts eat fish?

Since newts are carnivores, these animals live on a meat-based diet. If there are smaller fish in the same tank or pond of newts, newts may gobble up those fish. However, newts generally do not eat fish. 

In this article, I’ll clear up your confusion about whether newts can eat fish, which fish can be threats to newts, and so on. So, you shouldn’t miss this article if you plan to coexist newts and fish together.

Can Newts Eat Fish?

Before going into the conclusion of the newts and fish debate, let’s take a look at the diet of newts. 

Generally, newts live semi-aquatic to aquatic life in their lifetime. But, some species of newts tend to lead terrestrial life. Although maximum of these newts is land dwellers, they go back into aquatic life for mating and laying eggs. 

So, their natural diet is based on the small creatures found on the land. The newts can eat slugs, beetles, ants, worms, insects, mites, spiders, springtails, small invertebrates, amphibian eggs, etc.

On the other hand, the diet of newts becomes different when they shift into water bodies. In aquatic habitation, the newts consume shrimp, insect larvae, tadpoles, aquatic insects, sea louse, millipedes, mayfly nymphs, etc. 

As you can see, fish aren’t included in the natural diet of newts. However, you shouldn’t miss out on the fact that the newts are opportunistic eaters. Adult newts can eat anything that fits in their mouth.

If any fish fits in the mouth of your newt, the newt will consume the fish. But, newts can not swallow the larger fish. Not to mention, the fish eggs and fish fry are common prey of newts.

You can take a quick look at this article if you want to know details about the feeding guide for newts. 

Do Newts Eat Goldfish?

People often remain curious by thinking either newts or goldfish pose a threat to the other. You might be wondering whether newts can eat goldfish. On the contrary, the real scenario might be pretty opposite.

Both newts and goldfish can become threats to each other. Newts can eat goldfish if the goldfish fits into the mouth of the newt. 

On the other hand, the goldfish fry is larger than the newt tadpoles. So, these goldfish fries often gobble up the newt tadpoles. 

Aside from goldfish fry, you may also be demotivated to keep goldfish and newts together if you compare their size. The goldfish can grow up to 1-2 inches. Besides, these fish have records of reaching up to 14 inches in the wild. But, newts are only about 7-10 cm in size.

Comparing the size of these two livings, you might understand well who poses more threats. Hence, the experts strictly forbid to coexist of newts and goldfish together in a tank.

Can Newts And Fish Live Together

Can Fish Eat Newts?

The answer is yes. In the wild, the creatures survive in the hostile environment by eating up anything that they find nearby. Like the way newts can eat fish, several fish can also make newts their prey. 

The aggressive and bigger fish can be threats to newts. These fish can eat newts if these amphibians get fit into the mouths of the fish. Not to mention, the larval newt and their eggs are easy meals for the fish.

Moreover, bottom-feeder fish tend to attack newts as their prey. Some examples of such fish that can eat newts are catfish, cichlid, tiger barb, rainbow shark, red tail shark, tetra, Severums, oscar fish, etc.

Do Koi Eat Newts?

Koi fish are one of the most aggressive fish that can’t share a tank or pond with other amphibians. If you make newts coexist with koi fish, it’ll be a life-threatening act for newts. 

The newts can reach up to only 11 cm, whereas the koi fish can grow up to 12-15 inches long. So, it won’t be a difficult task to gobble up newts for the koi fish. The adult newts can also become prey to the koi fish. Besides, koi fish will not spare the eggs and larval newts. 

Before You Go

I hope you got a crystal clear idea about whether newts eat fish. If you still want to keep newts and fish together, you can take a look at the following article.

Can Newts And Fish Live Together?

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