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  • How To Take Care Of A Spotted Salamander? [Easy Guide]

    How To Take Care Of A Spotted Salamander? [Easy Guide]

    If you are a beginner, a spotted salamander can be a great choice to keep as a pet. These black or dark brown bodied salamanders with yellow or orange spots are visually pretty striking. For keeping this exquisite exotic pet, you should know beforehand how to take care of a spotted salamander. The care guide […]

  • Can You Keep Salamander As A Pet?

    Can You Keep Salamander As A Pet?

    Sometimes pet lovers fancy keeping unique pets rather than going for cats or dogs. If you are interested in exotic pets, the idea of keeping salamanders as pets may come at the top of the list. So, you might wonder whether you can keep a salamander as a pet or not. Salamanders can be good […]

  • Salamander Diet And Feeding Guide For Beginners

    Salamander Diet And Feeding Guide For Beginners

    Like all other animals, salamanders have certain sets of diets they go by. Following the right guidelines gives your pet salamander a healthy and long life. Salamanders need to be fed nutrient-rich, protein-based food at 2-3 intervals during the week. There are distinctions in food items and diets depending on the type and species of […]

  • Do Salamanders Live In Water?

    Do Salamanders Live In Water?

    Salamanders are generally associated with damp and wet places, as that is where most people see them. One might be curious as to where salamanders actually live. Salamanders can live in water or on land, depending on what type of salamander it is. Salamanders can live in ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, swamps or even under […]

  • Is A Newt A Salamander? [Salamander vs Newt]

    Is A Newt A Salamander? [Salamander vs Newt]

    Both salamanders and newts have similar characteristics as well as subtle differences. This begs the question of what newts are and how they are related to salamanders. Newts are salamanders belonging to the salamandridae family. All newts are salamanders, but all salamanders are not newts. Newts are a subclass of salamanders. Though newts are a […]

  • How Do Salamanders Breathe?

    How Do Salamanders Breathe?

    One thing super weird about salamanders is how they breathe. The unique breathing technique of salamanders have always intrigued newbies as well as experienced breeders. Salamanders can breathe through their gills, lungs, skin, mouth and throat.  The respiratory organs of salamanders are quite unique compared to those of other animals. The process of breathing can […]

  • How Much Does A Pet Salamander Cost?

    How Much Does A Pet Salamander Cost?

    There is no doubt that a salamander can be a good pet. If you want to keep this exquisite amphibian as your pet, you should know its cost. Thus, we’ve dug out some information to give you an idea about how much a pet salamander can cost. The average cost of a pet salamander can […]

  • How Long Do Salamanders Live?

    How Long Do Salamanders Live?

    One of the enormously common questions that people ask about salamanders is how long salamanders live. Also, their mortality rate is increasing day by day. That’s why we’ve conducted some researches about salamander’s lifespan. Let’s see what we’ve found out. Salamanders’ average lifespan ranges from 3 to 25 years. But, they can live from 3 […]

  • Can A Salamander Swim?

    Can A Salamander Swim?

    Seeing salamanders wandering on land, you might wonder– can a salamander swim? Salamanders surely blow mass mind with their traits and behavior. Thus, we’ve researched about them whether they can swim or not. Salamander can swim. Salamander’s flattened tail, short legs, feet shape, skin, gills, etc support them to swim. But, not every species of […]

  • Can Salamander Breathe Underwater?

    Can Salamander Breathe Underwater?

    If you notice a salamander on land, you might wonder whether a salamander can breathe underwater or not. Since salamanders can make their habitats on land, people assume that they can’t breathe underwater. To alleviate your confusion, we’ve dug out some information to know more about their breathing underwater. Salamander can breathe underwater. Most of […]