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  • Do Newts Eat Fish?

    Do Newts Eat Fish?

    Some owners find it fascinating to keep newts and fish together in a tank. Although mixing newts with fish in a tank together may sound intriguing, you may be gambling with the lives of these two types of living. So, a curiosity may pop into your mind- do newts eat fish? Since newts are carnivores, […]

  • Is A Newt A Salamander? [Salamander vs Newt]

    Is A Newt A Salamander? [Salamander vs Newt]

    Both salamanders and newts have similar characteristics as well as subtle differences. This begs the question of what newts are and how they are related to salamanders. Newts are salamanders belonging to the salamandridae family. All newts are salamanders, but all salamanders are not newts. Newts are a subclass of salamanders. Though newts are a […]

  • Are Newts Poisonous? [A Deep Dive]

    Are Newts Poisonous? [A Deep Dive]

    Newts are a downright example of so-called cute salamanders, and they are surely a thing of beauty. One that you might want to pick up for a closer look. But beware, because these small creatures can pack a deadly punch of neurotoxin, which can slowly but surely kill more lives than you might think. So, are […]

  • Newt Feeding Guide: What Do Newts Eat?

    Newt Feeding Guide: What Do Newts Eat?

    Enjoying the organ regenerating capability of the lizard-like amphibian called newt? If you ensure proper nutrition of this wonderful pet then the enjoyment experience will last longer. Now the question is – what do newts eat? Newts are flesh-eating amphibians. You can give insects, worms, slugs, invertebrates and amphibian eggs to this semi-aquatic amphibian when […]

  • Can Newts And Fish Live Together?

    Can Newts And Fish Live Together?

    You might find the idea of a mixed aquarium pretty fascinating. If you’re thinking to keep newts and fish together, there remain lots of questions. The very first question, which comes to mind is, if they can coexist or not. Hence, we’ve also conducted some researches about it. Newts and fish can live together. Although […]

  • How Much Does A Newt Cost?

    How Much Does A Newt Cost?

    If you intend to keep a pet newt, the very first thing you wonder about is its cost. Certainly, the newt is a very shy amphibian that has its reputation as a pet. Once you manage a proper setup of the newt’s tank with proper care, you can enjoy its longevity. Thus, we’ve conducted some […]

  • Can You Have A Newt As A Pet?

    Can You Have A Newt As A Pet?

    Many people want to keep newt as a pet. This unique lizard-shaped amphibian with the ability to regenerate their organs attract people easily. Hence, if newts amaze you, you may wonder – can you have a newt as a pet or not. You can certainly have a newt as a pet. Thousands of newts are […]

  • Where Do Newts Live?

    Where Do Newts Live?

    Many people speculate whether newts live in water or land. Again, people are curious to know about their habitat and origin to find them to keep as a pet. That’s why we have conducted some researches to find out the answer to this question – where do newts live? Newts live in both water and […]

  • How Long Do Newts Live?

    How Long Do Newts Live?

    As newts are members of salamander’s family, people often wonder if newts live as long as other salamanders. Hence, a quick question might pop out of your mind – how long do newts live? That’s why we’ve conducted some researches to help you get enlightened their lifespan. In wild, an adult newt can reach up […]