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  • Are Whisker Shrimps Aggressive?

    Are Whisker Shrimps Aggressive?

    Who wants to miss the wild chance to keep such a shrimp which is translucent? Although people often become confused between whisker shrimp and ghost shrimp, their temperament is opposite to each other. Hence, the new owners and hobbyists often ask- are whisker shrimps aggressive? Whisker shrimp have a bad temperament. These transparent shrimp are […]

  • Do Bamboo Shrimps Eat Algae & Clean Tank?

    Do Bamboo Shrimps Eat Algae & Clean Tank?

    Bamboo Shrimp are known to be an omnivore, yet they won’t eat everything inside your water tank! For instance, some people think they’re fond of taking all the nooks and crannies on the bottom for being “bottom feeders.” Now, a question may pop up in your mind – Do Bamboo Shrimps eat algae & clean […]

  • Are Bamboo Shrimps Hard to Keep?

    Are Bamboo Shrimps Hard to Keep?

    Despite having a simple look, Bamboo Shrimps show distinctive behaviors from time to time. Because of this fact, I’ve seen many people keeping different species of shrimps yet are confused about bamboo shrimps. If it’s also giving you a panic attack, then it’s pretty common to ask, “Are Bamboo Shrimp hard to keep?” Keeping bamboo […]