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cherry shrimp & Algae

Cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) are known for their algae-eating habits, which can help control algae growth in a tank.

Algae Control

Cherry shrimp feed on various types of algae, including green algae that commonly grow on tank surfaces, plants, and decorations. Their grazing helps keep algae populations in check, contributing to a clearer and cleaner aquarium.


While effective at grazing on algae, cherry shrimp may not completely eradicate all algae types. Their efficiency can depend on the tank’s conditions, the shrimp population size, and the extent of the algae growth.

Complementary Cleaning

To optimize algae control, cherry shrimp can be part of a cleanup crew that includes other algae-eating fish or invertebrates. However, ensure compatibility among species to avoid predation on the shrimp.

Diet Supplementation

Besides algae, supplement their diet with specialized shrimp food, blanched vegetables, or sinking pellets to ensure they receive all necessary nutrients.


Cherry shrimp are prolific breeders in suitable conditions. If you plan to keep them for algae control, be prepared for a growing population unless you manage their breeding.

Algae Growth

While cherry shrimp help control algae, maintaining a balanced aquarium to prevent excessive algae growth is crucial. This includes controlling light exposure, nutrient levels, and ensuring proper filtration.

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