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  • Are Dumbo Bettas Rare?

    Are Dumbo Bettas Rare?

    Undoubtedly, the Dumbo betta fish is a gorgeous addition to any aquarium that can catch anybody’s attention with its resemblance to an elephant-like ear in its pectoral fins. But, you may not always find these unique betta species at your local pet stores or online stores. Hence, the betta lovers always wonder whether Dumbo bettas…

  • How Long Do Dumbo Bettas Live?

    How Long Do Dumbo Bettas Live?

    Who doesn’t want to keep such an ornated betta species named Dumbo bettas that have large pectoral fins like elephant ears? No wonder you must want a long-term company of your Dumbo bettas. That’s why a common question may pop into your mind- how long do Dumbo bettas live? Generally, Dumbo bettas can thrive for…

  • How Big Do Dumbo Bettas Get?

    How Big Do Dumbo Bettas Get?

    Do you want to fit Your Dumbo betta in your aquarium that has enlarged pectoral fins? Then, you should know about the size of these bettas known as Elephant Ear betta. So, people often ask in betta forums- how big do Dumbo bettas get? The size of Dumbo bettas varies according to their gender, habitat,…