Can You Have A Newt As A Pet?

Can You Have A Newt As A Pet

Many people want to keep newt as a pet. This unique lizard-shaped amphibian with the ability to regenerate their organs attract people easily. Hence, if newts amaze you, you may wonder – can you have a newt as a pet or not.

You can certainly have a newt as a pet. Thousands of newts are being collected from the wild each year and sold in the United States to meet the demand of International Pet Trade. The number of collected newts was 7500 between 2004 and 2015 which were sold as pets.

Since you have got this confirmation of keeping newt as a pet, you might have other related questions. In this article, we’ll try to enlighten you about keeping newt as a pet.

Thus, let’s jump into this article without further ado.

Are Newts Good Pets?

Not to mention, newts are quite popular in the pet trade. Usually, they’re found in the wild. Thus, many people inquire whether newts are good pets or not.

Precisely newts are good pets.

Newts show some characteristics which affirm us that they can be good pets. Such as –

  • Maximum species of newts become tamed over time while keeping as a pet.
  • Newts learn to accept foods from your hand gradually.
  • Newts have an amazing ability to survive in the forged habitat.
  • Pet newts do their best to adjust themselves at room temperature.
  • If you treat your newts well with proper care, they can live over 20 years in captivity.

Now, you must be assured that newts are good pets.

Where Can You Find Newt To Keep As A Pet?

Are you interested to keep a newt as a pet? Then, you must be curious to know from where you can find newts.

If you find a newt in the wild, don’t make such mistake of keeping it as a pet. Because those wild newts are tough to domesticate.

You can search pet shops, dealers, special exotic breeders, retailer shops, etc for newts. Also, some online pet shops sell newts along with other amphibians.

You can check Backwater Reptiles for a good collection of newts!

Besides, the price of newts varies according to their species. You need to check whether the newt is sound and healthy before buying it. However, be aware of the laws and regulations related to newt sale and owning in your country.

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6 Pet Newt Species

While choosing a pet newt, check out the following newts as a beginner:

  1. Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt
  2. Eastern Newt
  3. The Crested Newt
  4. Alpine Newt
  5. Axolotl
  6. Iberian Ribbed Newt

Can You Keep A Common Newt As A Pet?

Common newt is also known as smooth newt or northern smooth newt. Their dry skin becomes smooth when they return to the water for breeding.

You can keep common newts as a pet. Besides, they adapt very well in forged or semi-natural habitats.

Also, common newts are easy to care for in captivity. If you keep them as a pet with proper maintenance, they can reach up to 8 years. In exceptional cases, some common newts can live long for 20 years in captivity as well.

Can You Keep An Eastern Newt As A Pet?

Since eastern newts are easily found in the eastern United States, people find them effortlessly available to keep a pet. Many of you might wonder whether you can keep an eastern newt as a pet or not.

You can easily keep an eastern newt as a pet. They are not very demanding and can be quite docile like the common newts.  

There is no hassle to keep an eastern newt as a pet. Rather, researchers found this species highly adaptable to an adverse situation. With proper care, an eastern newt can live long for 20 years in captivity.

How Do You Keep A Newt As A Pet

How Do You Keep A Newt As A Pet?

Newts are very shy amphibians. So, you can easily tame a newt. For this, you need to ensure all kinds of comfort for the newts.

In the following list, we’ll try to enlighten you on how to keep a newt as a pet.

1. Buy A Perfect Tank For Your Newt

If you intend to keep a pet newt, you must arrange a tank at first. Before buying a tank, you’ve to research and select an appropriate aquarium. Because your newt won’t get fit into all types of tank.

  • The very first thing you need to know is that if your pet newt is fully aquatic or semi-aquatic. Both types of newts demand two different types of tanks or aquariums.
  • In semi-aquatic tanks, there are adjustments of both aquatic and terrestrial elements. So, you need to choose tank options for newts carefully.
  • Most people have suggested buying an aquarium or tank of 10 gallons (38 liters). Also, it’ll be better if you buy a bigger tank. Because it can provide enough space to hide and play for newts.

If you are looking for a good starter kit, I’ll strongly recommend the Marina LED 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit. With this kit, you’ll get almost everything you need to set up the newt tank including clip-on filter and LED light.

2. Make An Accurate Ratio Of Water To Land

You might think of filling the entire tank with water. If so, then you’re wrong. You need to make an accurate ratio of water to land.

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In the case of semi-aquatic newts, you can divide their tank into two equal parts. So, there are half water and half land in the aquatic newt’s tank. Moreover, a half sheet of plexiglass can work as the divider.

Again, your aquatic, pet newt needs both water and land in its tank too. In this case, you can make 30% land and 70% water in its tank. As a result, your aquatic newt can also come out of water for a while.

3. Add Sufficient Water

Water is a must thing which your pet newt requires certainly. Now, the questions are what type and how much water you should add.

  • Since newts spend maximum time in the water, you should add sufficient water. The water level should be such where newts can move being submerged underwater.
  • To be precise, the water level must be at least 35 cm (10inches) deep.
  • Don’t make such horrible mistake of adding tap water. Because its chemical can kill your pet newt.
  • You should add fresh, clean, spring water or dechlorinated water. Also, you can simply dechlorinate water by using special reptile dechlorinating tablets.

4. Cover The Tank

If you want to buy a tank for your newt, you can choose between a closed and an open tank. In the case of an open tank, it’ll be better to cover the tank with a lid for newt’s maintenance.

Usually, the cover of the closed tank is made of plastic. But, we like to suggest you use a glass lid.

Glass lids tend to be more durable than plastic lids. Since glass lids are versatile, you can check water level without opening the lids.

Otherwise, you can simply check other types of tank covers.

5. Providing A UVB Light

There’re arguments regarding the need for UVB light of newts. Some pet newt lovers suggested that it’s necessary to provide UVB light in captivity.

Again, some people suggested not to provide any UVB light. Because most of the newts can survive at regular household temperature.

But, the short exposure of UVB light to newts is helpful too. This helps them produce vitamin D and remain healthy.

6. Use A Filter

Don’t forget to add a filter. Because the water inside your newt’s tank becomes dirty because of several kinds of wastages. To process all the water of an aquarium, you need to use a filter.

You can use a power filter or hang on back filter. Also, people recommend using the smallest filter. Because it’ll limit the strength of the flow. Not to mention, there are varieties of filters in the market according to your demand.

For a newt, I’ll definitely recommend the Tetrafauna ReptoFilter. This filter is specifically made for reptiles and amphibians that generally lives on low-depth water. It can work in only 3 inches deep water, comes with removable filter cartridges, and most amazingly, creates a naturalistic waterfall in the habitat.

How Can You Feed Your Pet Newt?

If you’re going to keep a pet newt, you need to know its diet.

  • As newts are carnivorous, you need to feed them live prey.
  • In the case of live foods, you can provide blackworms, night-crawlers, earthworms, bloodworms, small crickets, wax worms, slugs, guppies, etc.
  • Also, you can provide several high protein diets for all types of aquatic newts as a great alternative to alive foods.
  • You don’t need to take any hassle feeding your pet newts. Feeding two or three times a week is perfect for adult newts.
  • In the case of juvenile newts, you need to feed them daily.
  • Keep in mind that larval newt and sub-adult newts accept only live foods.
  • As newts are nocturnal, it’s better to feed them at night.
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These are some basic guidelines about feeding your newts. For details, you can check out local and online stores. If you are looking for a balanced commercial food for your newt, I’ll recommend Omega One Newt & Salamander Sinking Pellets. This one is specifically formulated for salamanders and newts so that they can get the perfect balance of nutrition!

How Should You Handle Your Newt Properly?

Newts are not the type of pet to be held or fondled. So, you should avoid handling them frequently.

In case, you need to handle your newt, you must follow some rules. Firstly, you’ve to make sure that your hands are very clean and moist. Otherwise, you can wear gloves.

You probably know that newts can secrete toxins through their skin. Thus, don’t forget to wash your hands well after holding them.

Again, their skin is permeable. As a result, any chemical or harmful substances can pass from your hands to them. So, both the owner and the newt are at risk.

Hence, we recommend you not to touch or handle them often.

Do Newts Bite?

You already know that you shouldn’t touch your pet newt. So, a quick question might pop out that if there’s a risk of having newt’s bite.

Newts can bite. But those bites might not be intentional. Also, you won’t get hurt when they bite.

Your pet newt can bite you accidentally while being fed by your hands. Besides, it might bite if it’s getting stressed or panicked by any activity.

Again, newt’s bite is not poisonous at all. Because the poison-forming glands are far away from its mouth. Although newt’s bites are harmless, you must be cautious. Otherwise, there’s nothing much to worry about newt’s bite.

Final Words

You can have exquisite amphibians such as a newt as your good pet. All you need to do is to ensure their fullest comfort and care. Then, your pet newt will remain with you for a long time.

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