Can Halfmoon Betta Fish Live Together?

Who doesn’t want to rise multiple Halfmoon betta together, which can spread their tails at 180 degrees angle? Considering the temperament, the betta hobbyists wonder whether Halfmoon betta can coexist in the same aquarium. So, a common question arises- can Halfmoon betta fish live together?

Since Halfmoon bettas are social creatures, these fish can live together. While keeping multiple Halfmoon betta fish together, you must ensure providing adequate room and the required necessities for your betta fish. Make sure not to overcrowd the Halfmoon betta tank.

In this article, I’ll explain the cohabitation of male and female Halfmoon betta, two Halfmoon betta, multiple female bettas, etc. So, you should take a look at the details of this article before adding more Halfmoon betta in the tank.

Can Two Halfmoon Betta Fish Live Together?

You might know that people call Halfmoon betta fish Siamese Fighting fish. Halfmoon. The temperament of these Halfmoon betta fish is highly aggressive and territorial. Moreover, the active and territorial nature of Halfmoon betta discourages people from keeping multiple Halfmoon betta together.

It can possible for two Halfmoon betta fish to live together. Considering the behavioral trait, you can keep two Halfmoon betta fish together by maintaining some tips. 

Firstly, you must make sure that these two Halfmoon betta fish do not need to encounter each other often. For this, you must buy a large tank of around 20 gallons for keeping two Halfmoon betta together.

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Besides, you should remove all provoking factors of the aggression level of your Halfmoon betta. To keep your Halfmoon betta calm, you should keep your betta fish well-fed. Hunger can lead to aggression that may make it impossible for two Halfmoon betta to coexist together.

Can Female Halfmoon Betta Fish Live Together?

If you compare the temperament between male and female Halfmoon betta fish, the female Halfmoon betta will show more aggression than the male Halfmoon betta. Due to showing less territory, female Halfmoon betta fish can coexist together. 

But, you must keep all of your female Halfmoon bettas well-fed with adequate space. If overcrowding causes stress to your female Halfmoon betta, these female bettas will fight with each other.

Can Male And Female Halfmoon Betta Fish Live Together?

Although you can keep male and female Halfmoon betta fish together, it’ll be pretty risky for your betta fish. Generally, male Halfmoon betta fish create a territory in their space. Compared to the temperaments, male Halfmoon betta fish are more aggressive than female Halfmoon betta fish.

There is a huge risk that male Halfmoon betta fish may bully the female bettas. As a result, it can cause stress to your female Halfmoon betta fish. Sometimes, you might find them fighting over death.

Considering all conditions, you can make male and female Halfmoon betta fish cohabit together for a short term. However, male and female Halfmoon betta fish can live together in a big tank during their mating season. In their mating period, these bettas do not consider each other as threats.

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Can 1 Male Halfmoon Betta And 3 Female Halfmoon Betta?

The betta forums are flooded with the question of whether 1 male betta and 3 female bettas can live together. If you own male and female Halfmoon betta, you may wonder to keep their ratio 1:3 in the aquarium.

Since the male Halfmoon betta fish are more territorial than the females, the owners try to keep 1 male Halfmoon betta with 3 female Halfmoon betta fish. But, it’ll be a terrible idea. Your male and female betta fish may fight to the death. 

In maximum cases, the male Halfmoon betta leaves the female betta with whom they like to breed. Other female Halfmoon betta fish will likely have higher chances to get killed. You can check out this article to know about the average lifespan of Halfmoon betta fish. 

Before You Go

As you can see, there are so many obligations about keeping Halfmoon betta fish together due to their temperament. So, you might wonder how aggressive Halfmoon betta fish can be. If you want to get an insight into this topic, you must take a look at the following write-up.

Are Halfmoon Bettas Less Aggressive?

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