4 Best Reptile Misting System In 2022 [Buyer’s Guide]

If you have a pet reptile in your captivity, it will certainly be your responsibility to meet its demand for accurate humidity. If you want to keep an optimal humidity range, the reptile misting system can reduce the hassle of misting the terrarium manually.

A large number of reptiles absorb water through their skin. Besides, some of them require a humid environment to thrive well. As an owner, you can directly spray the terrarium to keep your reptiles hydrated. But, a misting system can take away your worries about misting the tank when you’re not at home.

So, you must look for the best misting system that can provide good services in the long run. I’ve handpicked the 4 best reptile misting systems in 2022 and compiled the list with my unbiased opinion in this article.

If you do not have time to check all product reviews, let’s get to know the best reptile misting system.

From my personal experiences, I consider the REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile misting system as the best one among these 4 amazing reptile misting systems. But, if you look for an alternative option, you can go for Mist King V4 Starter misting system.

Don’t miss this article to get enlightened details about these misting systems. The detailed review will help you choose the accurate misting system for your pet reptile.

4 Best Reptile Misting Systems: Comparison Table

Reptile Misting System Model/BrandDimensionWeightMisting Level CapacityPrice 
PETSPIONEER8.2×6.5×11 inches3.47 poundsMaximum 300 ml/hour4 litersCheck price
REPTI ZOO9.25×9.25×15.63 inches10.53 pounds1.1 L/min10 litersCheck price
Mist King V4 Starter2.44×2.44×7.62 inches2.44 poundsAs much as you fix the external water reservoirCheck price
Repti Rain14×5×10 inches2.359 pounds0.22 gallonCheck price

1. PETSPIONEER Reptile Humidifier Digital Timing Fog Machine

Technical Specs Of PETSPIONEER Reptile Humidifier

Capacity4 liters
Dimensions8.2×6.5×11 inches
PowerMax 25 W
Weight3.47 pounds
Mist OutputMaximum 300 ml/hr
Adjustable Hose Number2
Adjustable Hose Length1.3-5.3 feet
Voltage100-240 V
NoiseLess than 30 decibels
Working time12 hours or more per day


Automated Functionality

The most lucrative wholesomeness of the PETSPIONEER reptile misting system is its automated functionality that makes the job easier for the customers. You can simply set the spray duration, misting frequency, and interval time on this misting system. On the other hand, this mister repeats this periodic humidification following the intermittent timing principle according to the programmed information.

There are two-time controllers in PETSPIONEER reptile misting system. One of them controls the misting pressure or the frequency of the mist. It is the mist timer that has 6 intervals. So, this CT button ranges from 0 to 4 hours.

Besides, another controller moderates the duration of the misting. This moderator button is the WT button which ranges between 2-120 minutes.

Memory Function

Another automated function of the PETSPIONEER reptile misting system includes its memory function. Due to this feature, you need to reset this humidifier every time. According to the last setting, this reptile misting system can automatically continue to mist.

Automatic Shut-off Feature

This PETSPIONEER misting system can automatically shut off to keep security when the water runs out. Moreover, you can make this humidifier achromatically stop with the help of an additional, separate humidity controller. But, you need to set the CT button or mist timer under the condition of being 0.

Large Tank Capacity

If you want a mister for a large tank, this PETSPIONEER reptile misting system can be a great choice. After all, this humidifier comes up with a 4-liter tank water capacity. Due to having a large tank capacity, this mister can work for more than 12 hours. Also, its highest misting level is 300 ml per hour.

Upgraded Integrity Design

This misting system has an upgraded integrity design with two adjustable extension tubes to keep the setup tidy. So, you can use either one or two extension tubes.

Along with this, this mister had 4 suckers and 1 joint. The suction cups help the hoses get attached to the glass of the terrarium. Also, these extension hoses or tubes are almost 1.3-5.3 feet.

Due to its upgraded integrity design, you need not face difficulties filling water. If the fan of this mister gets broken, you can readily replace it from the bottom. Besides, you can easily open the lid to clean it.

Simple To Refill

Another unique feature of the PETSPIONEER reptile misting system is its easy refill system. This misting system is designed, in such a way, that you don’t have to remove the reservoir to fill the water in it. You can smoothly add or refill water through the top opening.

Adjustable System

This PETSPIONEER reptile misting system provides a smart-adjustable system. You can adjust the misting frequency as you want. So, according to the ideal humidity range of your reptile, you can set the flow rate and misting pressure by connecting to a humidity controller. 

Quiet When Working

While this is pretty common to have noises from foggers, PETSPIONEER misting system offers a quiet environment. As this misting system makes noise below 30 decibels, there remains no noise while working.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Adjustable timer function
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy maintenance as the led can be opened easily
  • You can adjust one or two tubes according to your demand for your pets
  • No need to remove the reservoir to fill water
  • Easy-to-read led panel
  • Auto-off system when water runs out


  • Leakage from the water reservoir
  • Leakage from the pipe
  • All mists get leaked when the hoses don’t get fit in the holes
  • No duration button between 10-30 minutes in WT button.
  • Electronic malfunction can happen
  • Annoying input beep sound

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2. REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister

Technical Specs Of REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister 

Capacity10 L
Dimension9.25×9.25×15.63 inches
Weight 10.53 pounds
Mist outputMore than 1.1 L/min
Spray Nozzle Components4 pcs
Nozzle Number20
Self Suction Height78.7 inch
Voltage110-240 VAC (24 VDC)
Working timeMultiple times per 24-hours cycle


10L Water Holding Capacity

Among these 4 best reptile misting systems, REPTI ZOO misting system has the highest tank capacity. This misting system can contain 10 L of water that allows you to go on vacation without worrying about misting. So, you need not frequently fill water to REPTI ZOO misting system.

Also, this misting system will be an ideal choice if you have a large terrarium. In addition, REPTI ZOO misting system with a 10L water holding capacity is essential for those reptiles which require high humidity.

Ultrasonic Transducer

The reason behind emitting fine mist is due to the ultrasonic transducer feature of REPTI ZOO misting systems. Applying ultrasonic vibration via high-frequency sound, this misting system can break the water into a fine mist.

Programmable Nozzles With 360 Degrees Adjustment

REPTI ZOO misting system features 360 degrees programmable spray nozzle with multi-angle adjustment. Besides, this REPTI ZOO misting system is powerful enough to work up with 20 programmable nozzles at a time by connecting with 4 spray nozzle components.

As a result, you need not worry about spraying from multiple directions. Due to its adjustment, a wide range of your reptile terrarium becomes covered for misting. So, there will be no dry place in the tank.

Integrated Design

Due to its integrated design, REPTI ZOO misting system allows you to add water from the top of the mainframe to the water inlet. In consequence, you need not remove the cover or water bucket.

Also, the water level gets visualized from the outside. So, this integrated design makes the reservoir capacity keep up to 10 L of water.

Adjustable Misting System

REPTI ZOO misting system has the feature of adjustable rainfall. You may want heavy or gentle misting in the terrarium of your pet reptile. There is a separate water pressure adjustable button following the timed spray function.

So, in this misting system, you can control the spray duration, misting pressure or frequency, etc. According to the humidity requirement of your reptile, you can program or adjust the misting or humidity level of the REPTI ZOO misting system.

Internal Backwatering Technology

Another mentionable feature of the REPTI ZOO misting system is its internal backwatering technology. When you stop the misting system, this technology prevents outbound water through the nozzle.

Such re-entering or backwatering feature confirms no dripping or minimum level of dripping of mists. So, the water does not get accumulated or pulled to the bottom of the terrarium. In short, this technology helps not result in water pooling.

One Button Power On/Off

REPTI ZOO misting system is so easy to operate that you can on-off its power through the same button.

Quiet While Misting

This humidifier fogger works quietly. It makes zero noise while misting. Thus, you can have a peaceful and comfortable environment despite having a misting system in your room. But, there remain several complaints about its being loud from various customers.


  • Easy to operate
  • Simple setup
  • Adjustable humidity range
  • Fine mist
  • 360 degrees nozzle adjustment
  • No water pooling
  • Easy refilling without detaching the reservoir
  • Suitable for the larger tank


  • Drips instead of misting
  • Can be loud while working
  • Intermittent issues with nozzles
  • The motor can get burnt out when it runs dry
  • Water may leak from the base
  • High price
  • Parts may be different from the manual
  • The instructions of the user manual are misleading according to several customers

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3. Mist King Starter Misting System

Technical Specs Of Mist King Misting System

Capacity5 gallon
Dimension2.44×2.44×7.62 inches
Weight2.44 pounds
Nozzle Number10
Power supply240 V
Misting Pump Output24V DC
No of Tubing Clips5
Voltage110 V
Warranty2 years for pump and 1 year for other components


Improved Design

Mist King Starter misting system is a 4th generation misting system that gives you the freedom of customization. So, it acts as a starting point or a basic small-scale design.

This improved design allows you to add additional nozzles, upgrade the pump, install a ZipDrip valve, etc. So, it means that this misting system can work finely with upgraded parts too. As a result, the Mist King starter misting system is pretty flexible for both intermediate and advanced hobbyists. 

Robust Pump

Another great feature of Mist King Starter misting system v4.0 is its 24V DC robust pump. We’ve tested this pump several times in our lab and found extremely low failure rates. If you want to upgrade this pump, you can choose MKP-100. Not to mention, the upgraded pump can increase the flow by becoming more reliable.

No Fixed Water reservoir

This unique feature of having no fixed water reservoir can be on the list of both pros and cons. So, you need to adjust the external water reservoir or container with Mist King Starter misting system v4.0. Besides, this external reservoir that you choose on your own can be of any size.

This misting system contains two pipes. You have to attach one pipe to your external water reservoir. In addition, the other pipe can get fixed into your reptile terrarium.

Numerous Nozzles

An outstanding feature of this Mist King Starter Misting System is its ability to work with numerous nozzles. This misting system can provide good performance by running only 1 nozzle as well as 10 nozzles.

Unlike other misting systems, you can adjust additional nozzles according to your requirements for humidity. You can install up to 20 nozzles in Mist King Starter Misting System. But, if you want to run more than 10 nozzles, you must upgrade the pump.

Customizable Timer

In this Mist King Misting System, you can set up the intervals during misting according to the humidity requirement of your reptile. Moreover, this misting system has a customizable timer with up to 10 different events or timer settings. Also, it may range from seconds to hours.

So, the Mist King starter misting system allows you to customize the misting time for hours, days, or weeks. In short, you can schedule each program repeatedly or on specific days. This feature is also known as ST- 24 controller.

Minimal Noise

Despite having a robust pump, this Mist King starter misting system makes minimal noise. This misting system features misting without any sound.


  • Advanced controller and timer
  • No fixed water reservoir
  • Highly customizable misting cycle
  • Freedom of installing up to 20 nozzles
  • Ideal mister for larger terrariums
  • Doesn’t get damaged despite running out of water
  • Works without noise
  • Strong pump
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for smaller tanks under 15 gallons
  • The nozzles may drip instead of misting
  • Tubes may get stuck
  • Lack of reservoir
  • Needs DIY work to install
  • Timer may seem tricky, but following the instructions may help
  • Doesn’t come with entire products. So, you need to expend additional components.

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4. Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine

Technical Specs Of Zoo Med Repti Rain Mister

CapacityAbout 1 liter
Dimensions14×5×10 inches
Weight 2.359 pounds
Spray intervalsUp to 12 hours
No of Spray4
Power6V AC adaptor
Warranty1 year



Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting machine is small, readily packed, and compact-sized. These features make this misting system portable. Besides, this misting system is easy to set up or install.

As this misting system can run on batteries, it becomes easy to carry. So, if you need to travel with your pet reptile frequently, you can choose this portable Zoo Med Repti Rain misting system.

Programmable Misting System

This Zoo Med Repti Rain misting system features a programmable misting system according to the needs of humidity of your pet reptiles. So, it means that you can adjust the spray duration, spray intervals, etc.

You can set the spray duration in four types of settings in the Repti Rain misting system. These are 15, 30, 45, and 60 seconds events. In addition, you can program the spray or mist interval every 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours.

But, like other misting systems, Repti Rain misting system does not have such effectively programmable timers.

Run On Both AC And DC Power

A unique feature of the Repti Rain misting system is its ability to run on both AC and DC power. So, you can run this misting system by plugging it in conventional ways. However, this misting system has 6 watt AC adaptor.

Also, this Repti Rain misting system can run on batteries. As a result, you need not worry about misting the terrarium when there is a prolonged power outage. In such cases, the Repti Rain misting system will run on 4C batteries.

Suitable For Small Tanks

Compared with other misting systems, Zoo Med Repti Rain misting system holds less amount of water in the reservoir. Its water holding capacity is only 0.22 gallons (28 ounces). Hence, this misting system is great for small tanks.

Suction Cups On Its Base

Zoo Med Repti Rain misting system features 4-point suction cups on its base. So, you can readily attach this misting system to the glass walls or anywhere you want.


  • Can run on batteries
  • Easy setup
  • Good for traveling
  • Control over spray intervals and duration
  • Suctioned or clipped onto the tank


  • Small reservoir
  • Nozzles are not so good
  • Leakage from the base of the hose
  • Not as flexible as other misting systems

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What Is The Difference Between A Reptile Fogger And Mister?

Sometimes people may become confused between reptile misters and foggers. Although both equipment work to achieve the optimal humidity level, their working principles are different.

 A reptile fogger creates fogs of water vapor using ultrasonic sound. On the other hand, a reptile mister mimics rain by spraying small droplets of water.

Generally, misters make noises while working, but foggers remain quiet. If you have a large terrarium, mister will be suitable for you to control the humidity level. Besides, you can adjust misters on several terrariums at a time despite setting different humidity conditions.

Are Reptile Misters Worth It?

Depending on the application area, reptile misters can be worth it.

Generally, misters are used in outdoor settings where the temperature cools down with the help of water droplets. You can mist manually with a spraying bottle. Besides, several automatic misters come with a reservoir, timer, nozzles to spray, etc.

These reptile misters leave condensed water vapors as tiny water droplets and create an artificial raining vibe. So, your pet reptiles tend to lick off the water droplets that help them keep hydrated.

Besides, you can set the nozzles of the misters to certain parts of the terrarium. In addition, misters are beneficial to the plants, whereas foggers can not get plants watered. Moreover, this is not much challenging to control the humidity level of reptile misters like foggers.

Are Foggers Safe For Reptiles?

Foggers are safe for reptiles. It works by creating a mass of water vapors by ultrasonic sound. If your pet reptile requires a constant humidity of high level, you can choose foggers for your reptiles. 

Sometimes, the pet reptiles may get shocked due to sudden misting. But, foggers create a naturally constant-cool environment through their fogs.

How Do I Choose A Misting System?

Before choosing a misting system, you should consider a few things. These are-

  1. Make sure that the minimum pressure of the misting system is 35 Pounds per Square Inch. To have an effective result, you can choose the high-pressure misting system.
  2. Check out the design of the misting system, its nozzle number, distribution lines, etc.
  3. A robust pump indicates good workability of the misting system. Especially, you should look for the misting system having a pulley drive mist pump.
  4. You should also check out if your chosen misting system has a good programmable misting cycle, misting intervals, and durations events.
  5. The mist lines have to be made of stainless steel, rigid, and or flexible. Also, high-pressure distribution lines indicate the good quality of the misting system.
  6. Choose the misting system according to the size of your reptile terrarium. For this, you should remain concerned about the water reservoir of the misting system.
  7. Lastly, you must consider several facts like costs, durability, and warranty of the misting system. You can also visit customer reviews to get a better idea.

What Is The Difference Between Fogging And Misting?

Both fogging and misting are processes of cooling down the temperature of the enclosure by keeping an ideal range of humidity.

The actual difference between fogging and misting is the size of the water droplets. Generally, fogs have smaller droplets of 1-10 microns, whereas any misting system produces around 10-100 sized water droplets.

Besides, fogging means creating fogs or a mass of water vapor. On the other hand, misting is another form of spraying water droplets like rain.

Do Foggers Raise Humidity?

Foggers raise the humidity of the enclosure by creating artificial fogs.

Generally, fogger machines work by heating the liquid and turning it into vapor. When this water vapor comes out of the canister, it comes in touch with the cooler air outside. As a result, these water vapors form into fogs.

In this way, these fogs raise the humidity level and cool down the environment.

How Do You Keep A Reptile Tank Humid?

Sometimes, it may appear to be a challenging task to keep your reptile tank humid. But, following some easy techniques can retain the enclosure within the ideal range of humidity. Let’s check out the following ways how you can keep a reptile tank humid.

1. Misting Or Spraying

You can keep the reptile terrarium humid by spraying dechlorinated water. Otherwise, you can take help from a mister. A reptile mister raises the humidity by misting tiny water droplets.

2. Keeping Water In A Water Bowl

Another easy way to keep the tank humid is keeping a water bowl with clean, dechlorinated water. When the water gets evaporated, the moisture of the air increases. But, make sure that the water bowl is not too big to make your reptile drown.

3. Adding Heating Pad Under The Water Bowl

You can place a heating pad directly under the water bowl. It helps evaporate the water fast. As a result, adding a heating pad under the water bowl keeps the reptile tank humid.

4. Absorbent Bedding Or Substrate

Bring porous and absorbent substrate into the enclosure of your pet reptile. When you keep the bedding wet, it retains moisture. Instead of keeping a dry substrate, an absorbent substrate helps keep the air of the enclosure humid.

5. Limiting The Airflow

To keep the tank humid, you can limit the airflow or the ventilation. For this, you should cover the top of the tank.

6. Installing A Fogger

A reptile fogger creates fogs of water vapor that increase the moisture content of the air. Also, there are differences in foggers according to power, capacity, etc. So, you should install a suitable fogger depending on the size of the reptile terrarium.

7. Keeping Live Plants

Live plants play a significant role in keeping a reptile tank humid. As plants can absorb and distribute moisture naturally, you should put live plants in the tank. But, you should make sure that those plants are safe for your reptile.

8. Monitoring The Environmental Conditions

Lastly, you should keep a thermometer and a hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity range respectively. It will help you take essential steps to keep the tank humid.

Final Words

To ensure the sound health of your reptile, you must keep the humidity level within the ideal range. Hence, an effective misting system is essential. I hope this article enlightened you about the 4 best misting systems with their detailed reviews. Now, you can choose the best one according to your reptile’s needs.

From my personal experiences, I consider the REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile misting system as the best one among these 4 amazing reptile misting systems. But, if you look for an alternative option, you can go for Mist King V4 Starter misting system.

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