Are Veiltail Bettas Less Aggressive?

The term terribly beautiful may go well with Veiltail betta fish due to their striking beauty with territorial temperament. When maximum species of betta fish are popular for their aggression, you might hear different feedback about Veiltail bettas. Before buying these gorgeous betta fish, people often ask in betta forums- are Veiltail bettas less aggressive?

Among varieties of betta species, Veiltail bettas are less aggressive than other betta fish. The temperament of these beautiful Veiltail betta fish is peaceful and docile.

In this article, I’ve shed some light on the aggression type of Veiltail betta, the compatibility of Veiltail betta with other tank mates due to their temperament, and other additional information. If you wonder about Veiltail betta fish temperament, you should go through this article.

Are Veiltail Bettas Aggressive?

When you buy Veiltail betta fish from any store, you may notice any note mentioning these Veiltail bettas can be kept with small fish. From this note, you may understand whether Veiltail bettas are aggressive or not.

Compared to other betta fish, Veiltail bettas are not aggressive. These betta species are popular for their docile temperament with beautiful swoopy tails and fins.

In the wild, Veiltail bettas remain burrowed under the mud of water areas. Also, Veiltail bettas are not good swimmers. Due to their long and swooping fins, it becomes hard for Veiltail betta to withstand strong water currents. 

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For all of these traits, Veiltail betta shows a friendly and calm temperament. These Veiltail bettas hardly become aggressive towards other creatures due to their docile behavior.

Which Veiltail Betta Is More Aggressive: Male Or Female?

Although Veiltail bettas have a reputation for peaceful temperament, you may notice a bit of difference in male Veiltail betta. Among Veiltail betta species, the male Veiltail betta is more aggressive than the female Veiltail betta. 

When a male Veiltail betta finds other bettas or tank mates in their space, this male betta will try to provoke its tank mates to fight. However, these male Veiltail bettas show mild aggression compared to other betta species. If female Veiltail betta does not get their basic needs fulfilled, they may become aggressive too.

Can Two Veiltail Bettas Live Together?

You can certainly keep two Veiltail bettas together with proper facilities. To keep two Veiltail bettas together, you must ensure sufficient space for these two bettas.

If your Veiltail betta does not have enough room to swim with their flaring fins and tails, keeping two Veiltail bettas may them to fight with each other. Besides, you must not keep one male Veiltail betta with one female Veiltail betta without breeding purposes. 

To suppress the potential aggression of male Veiltail bettas, you must keep two Veiltail bettas in at least a 20-gallon tank. Besides, you should ensure that your Veiltail bettas do not have to fight for food. By fulfilling their demands, you can house two Veiltail bettas together.

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Can Veiltail Betta Live With Fish?

Because of the docile personality of Veiltail bettas, you can keep these bettas in a community tank. So, Veiltail betta can also live with fish.

The first condition is to take care of the size of the tank. If your Veiltail betta lives in only a 10-gallon tank, you can not add fish to the tank.

The tank should be larger than 20 gallons to keep fish with Veiltail bettas. Since Veiltail bettas do not show much aggression, you can keep small fish and snails as their tank mates.

In the case of selecting fish, you should choose bottom feeders. After all, Veiltail betta fish take their food from the water’s surface.

Some suitable fish that can live with Veiltail bettas are given here. Such as Kuhli loaches, neon tetra, ember tetra, cory fish, gourami, tiger barb, zebra fish, dwarf rasboras, pygmy corydoras, bronze corydoras, etc.

Before You Go

I hope you have already got a clear idea about the personality of Veiltail betta from this article. Considering such cool temperament, people often wonder about keeping neon tetras with Veiltail betta fish. If such a thing comes to your mind, you can clear your confusion with the following article.

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