Are Plakat Bettas Expensive?

Aquarium hobbyists must know well that varieties of fancy bettas can cost thousands of dollars. If you are in love with a Plakat betta and have a tight budget, you must know the full expense of owning a Plakat betta as a pet beforehand. Hence, a curiosity may pop into your mind- are Plakat bettas expensive?

Yes, Plakat bettas are expensive due to their low availability and hard breeding procedures. Since you need to buy these Plakat bettas from breeders in most cases, it may cost more than other fancy bettas. Generally, the price range of Plakat betta is between 10 to 40 dollars.

However, the price range varies from breeders to stores. The total cost breakdown of owning a Plakat betta includes some associated costs. That’s why I’ve penned down the full cost-breakdown of owning a Plakat betta that helps you get an idea about its expense.

Key Takeaways

  • Due to the difficulty of breeding, Plakat betta is comparatively more expensive than other varieties of betta species.
  • The age, gender, mixed-breeding, coloration, and other physical characteristics affect the price of Plakat betta.
  • In the first year of owning a Plakat betta, you may need to expend around $119-$620. Otherwise, your monthly expense for Plakat betta can be within $12-$55.
  • In short, you should be ready to expend all required expenses for the well-being of your Plakat betta.

Overview Of Plakat Bettas

Plakat bettas are a variant of Siamese fighting fish that are popular for their less-dramatic fins. While all betta species have fancy fins and tails, these Plakat bettas come with stocky bodies and shorter fins. Before getting a vast idea about their price range, let’s take a quick look at the overview of Plakat bettas.

Scientific NameBetta splendens
Common namesPlakat betta, Shortfin betta, Dragonscale betta, Thai betta, Halfmoon Plakat betta, etc.
Maximum size (adult)Up to 3 inches (7 cm)
ColorDiverse, including red, yellow, blue, and green.
The minimum tank size requirement10-15 litres per fish
Water typeFreshwater
Tank levelTop-dweller
Skin typeScaled
TemperamentTerritorial and solitary
Optimal pH6.8-7.4
Water hardnessUp to 20 dGH
Optimal temperature75-86 degrees Fahrenheit
Breeding typeBubblenest breeders
Care levelIntermediate to hard
Lifespan2-3 years

Plakat bettas come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, and white, and they can have different patterns and fin types.

How Much Does A Plakat Betta Cost?

If you search for Plakat betta, you’ll find varieties of Plakat betta species with vivid colors, fin types, etc. The cost of Plakat betta varies according to several factors. Since a male Plakat betta is more flaunting, it’ll cost more than a female Plakat betta. In addition, rare colored Plakat betta fish will cost a bit higher.

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Besides, you may notice different prices of the same Plakat betta in different stores or breeders. Let’s see the following charts including prices of vivid Plakat bettas from different stores.

1. Petco

Plakat Betta TypesPrice
Male Halfmoon Plakat Betta$13.99
Elephant Ear Halfmoon Plakat Betta$34.99

2. BettaFishForSale.co

Plakat Betta TypesPrice
Halfmoon Plakat Red Hellboy Startail$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat The Red Caraxes$51.99
Halfmoon Plakat Avatar Mustard Gas Betta$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat Helmet Emerald Candy$39.99
Halfmoon Plakat Copper Solder Yellow Base$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat Tun-Jo Koi$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat Ukraine Multi Galaxy$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat Helmet Black Samurai$51.99
Halfmoon Plakat Blue Rim Marble$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat Black Star Copper$39.99
Female Halfmoon Plakat Copper Avatar$51.99
Halfmoon Plakat Princess Blue Marble$33.99
Halfmoon Plakat Deep Clean Super Red$42.99
Halfmoon Plakat Red Scarf Copper Koi$51.99
Halfmoon Plakat Fancy Magical Pink Blue$42.99
Female Halfmoon Plakat White Platinum$36.99

3. BettaSquadUSA

Plakat Betta TypesPrice
Multicolor Galaxy Plakat Koi (11 weeks old)$26
Red Fancy Plakat Koi (11 weeks old)$26
Multicolor Galaxy Plakat Koi (16 weeks old)$25

4. Bettakart

Plakat Betta TypesPrice
Black Body Violet Spark Plakat BettaRs. 199
Solid Red Plakat BettaRs. 199
Solid White Plakat Male BettaRs. 199
Golden Yellow Plakat BettaRs. 299
Dark Red Plakat BettaRs. 250
Blue Yellow Plakat BettaRs. 250
Maroon Tail White Body Plakat BettaRs. 195
Snow White Plakat BettaRs. 300
Dark Blue Plakat BettaRs. 380
Solid Yellow Gold Plakat BettaRs. 240
Maroon Fins White Body PlakatRs. 199
Yellow Class Plakat BettaRs. 800
Maroon Gray and White Mixed PlakatRs. 190

5. Coast Gem USA

Plakat Betta TypesPrice
Super Black Male Plakat Betta$20
Female Samurai Plakat Betta$15
Red Nemo Galaxy Plakat Male Betta$35
Mustard Yellow Plakat Betta $20
Copper Pearl Red Plakat Male$30
Royal Blue Plakat Male Betta$20
Black Samurai Plakat Male Betta$30
Super Red Plakat Female Betta$15
Black Mamba Fancy Star Male Plakat Betta$20
Red Galaxy Plakat Male Betta$20
Red Snow Fancy Star Tail Plakat Betta$20
Blue Koi Plakat Female Betta$15
Blue Grizzle Plakat Male Betta$30
Yellow Copper Plakat Female Betta$20
Yellow Dragon Plakat Male Betta$25
Golden Doubletail Plakat Male Betta$35

6. Thailand Betta Fish

Plakat Betta TypesPrices
Koi Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Betta$29.99
Yellow Fancy Male Halfmoon Plakat Betta$44.99
Koi Nemo Halfmoon Plakat Betta$29.99
Yellow Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Betta$19.99
Lavender Dumbo Halfmoon Plakat Betta$29.99
Koi Nemo Galaxy Halfmoon Plakat Betta$44.99
Red Dragon Halfmoon Plakat Betta$19.99

7. Petzone

Plakat Betta TypesPrice
Malay Thai Plakat Betta$17.99
Wild Type Plakat Betta$19.99
Dragon Plakat Betta$12.99
Giant Plakat Betta$18.99
Dumbo Plakat Betta$24.99

Plakat Bettas are known for their aggressive nature, especially the males. They are often used in fish fighting due to their territorial behavior.

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What Factors Determine The Price Of A Plakat Betta?

Not all Plakat betta species will cost you a similar price. For example- a red Plakat betta will cost around $20, whereas a yellow Plakat betta will cost over $40. Several factors are responsible for such a difference in the price range of Plakat Betta.

I’ve researched for a while to figure out the determining causes of the price of a Plakat betta fish. Let’s delve into the following responsible factors.

1. Attractiveness Of Vivid Plakat Betta

Each type of Plakat betta comes with different fin shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Whenever you notice a gorgeous Plakat betta with similar features to another betta, it must be the wonder of cross-breeding. Since it’s not an easy process, such attractiveness of Plakat bettas can cost you some extra money.

In cases of wild Plakat betta, there’s no such spectacular coloration or patterns in their body. But, you can find Plakat betta with snow white, ruby red, deep blue, or mustard yellow colors in the market. The rare colored Plakat betta will be more expensive than the other types of Plakat bettas.

Moreover, you may notice multicolor Plakat betta with a good price tag in several pet stores. Some Plakat betta fish appear with a beautiful lavender color or in a surrealistic shade of pink. Again, some Plakat bettas show deep red fins with deep blue hues. So, it’s pretty obvious that these gorgeous Plakat bettas will cost more than the Plakat bettas with solid color.

In addition, the physical characteristics differ from one Plakat betta strain to another strain. Some Plakat bettas have shorter D-shape tails like the wild betta. On the contrary, some strains of Plakat bettas appear with longer tails. That’s why, the price range will not be similar depending on the demand based on the attractiveness of Plakat bettas.

2. Gender Of Plakat Betta

You might know that male and female Plakat betta share some differences in their physical characteristics. According to the choices of individuals, the demand for male or female Plakat betta may vary. Generally, male Plakat betta tend to be more attractive due to their flowy fins and darker coloration.

On the other hand, you may choose female Plakat betta over male Plakat betta if you find their torpedo-like body striking. Depending on the customer demand and survival rate, several online stores may keep different prices for male and female Plakat bettas. Such as a yellow fancy male Plakat betta can cost $44.99. On the other hand, you can buy a yellow fancy female Plakat betta for $21-$25.

3. Selective Breeding

The selective breeding of Plakat betta results in unique strains of Plakat bettas with charismatic physical appearance. If you want a combination of Dumbo betta and Plakat betta, you can choose a dumbo Plakat betta. Such special-bred betta will have elephant ears resembling large pectoral fins and short tails.

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On the other hand, a galaxy koi Plakat betta fish will exhibit a mixture of colorations and patterns reminiscent of Plakat betta and koi betta fish. You can see a beautiful composition of blue, red, black, green, and turquoise colorations on the scales of any galaxy koi Plakat betta fish.

In cases of Crowntail Plakat betta, you can see an extra touch of elegance through the elongated rays of the anal fins. Again, a half-moon Plakat betta will exhibit the beauty of a half-moon-shaped tail in a sturdy body.

Not to mention, it’s hard to breed such special-bred Plakat betta fish. Such selective breeding is a significant factor behind the price variations of Plakat betta fish.

4. Breeding Capacity Of Plakat Betta

Although you are mesmerized by the beauty of varieties of Plakat betta fish, the breeding capacity of all betta strains isn’t similar. Besides, you will require true parent Plakat betta to breed special breeds of Plakat betta.

Sometimes, the genes remain so recessive that it becomes impossible to breed those special types of Plakat bettas. The success rate of breeding has a great effect on the price of these Plakat bettas.

5. Availability Of Plakat Betta

Not all variants of Plakat betta are smoothly available in all stores. Rare variants of Plakat betta are more expensive than other types of Plakat betta species. So, the availability of your specific demanded Plakat betta fish.

6. Breeder Reputation

Last but not least, the breeder’s reputation or brand name has an impressive effect on the price of Plakat bettas. The reputed breeders often keep the price range high for their available rare fish. Besides, you can notice price variations of Plakat bettas from local pet stores to online stores. In cases of online stores, you should expect to pay a little bit more for the delivery charge.

Plakat Bettas typically grow to about 2.5 to 3 inches in length.

What Do You Need To Buy To Keep A Plakat Betta As A Pet?

The cost of a Plakat betta fish is not the only expense of owning this gorgeous betta fish. You should expect to spend a sum of a penny to ensure a comfortable home for your pet Plakat betta. For this reason, you should know the area of your expense to keep a pet Plakat betta beforehand.

Let’s see what you’ll need to buy for your Plakat betta.

  • The first thing that comes to mind for a Plakat betta fish is a suitable tank. It should have a minimum volume of 5-10 gallons. The price of a betta tank can range from $30 to $200.
  • To make a planted betta tank, you should buy a good substrate. The cheaper substrate can cost $8, whereas shallow aquarium gravel substrate can cost around $20.
  • For the aeration of your Plakat betta tank, you should expend an air pump with an airstone. Its price will range from $7 to $60.
  • It’s significant to keep the ideal temperature in your Plakat betta fish tank. That’s why you should buy an aquarium heater for $10-$25.
  • Filter is a must-buy component for your Plakat betta tank. Its price can start from $7 to $100. Along with this, the cost of filter media will be within $5.
  • To add aesthetics to the tank, you need to buy some décor items. Depending on the décor items, it can cost $5-$50.
  • If you buy some real plants for your Plakat betta tank, you should spend between $5-$15.
  • Since Plakat betta loves live plants, these plants require aquarium lighting for their growth. Depending on the type of light, it can cost $15-$50.
  • The budget for Plakat betta fish food may vary according to the brand, food type, and quantity. If you buy a container of pellets, it’ll cost within $5. To buy flakes, freeze-dried foods, and worms, you may need to spend between $10-$30.

Total Cost Breakdown Of Owning A Plakat Betta

Without a deep understanding of your Plakat betta fish needs, you may fail to keep your Plakat betta fish hale and hearty. For this reason, you should check beforehand whether you can afford the entire cost breakdown of owning a Plakat betta fish.

In the following chart, I’ve shared a full cost breakdown of owning a Plakat betta fish. It is a one-time expense that you need to spend until any items get damaged. You may be required to expend $119-$620 as the additional expense along with the cost of Plakat betta to set up a comfortable home for your betta.

Let’s see the sectors of your expense along with the price ranges.

1. One-Off Setup Cost of Plakat Betta

These are the setup costs that you need to expend for only one time. You’ll need not buy any of this equipment again in case these aren’t destroyed.

Filter media$5
Gravel vacuum/siphon$7-$10
Air pump with air stone$7-$60
Water conditioner$6-$30
Airline tubing$4-$10
Plakat Betta$10-$50
Total One-time Cost$119-$620

2. Monthly Costs For Plakat Betta

After completing the setup of your Plakat betta tank, there’s no large expense required for your betta. In cases of monthly cost, you should count the feeding cost, including the basic betta food and supplementation.

Besides, you should take the monthly electricity bill into account for running the aquarium heater, light, etc. Also, you must keep some budget for replacement expenses. The experts suggest replacing the aquarium substrate and filter media after a specific period.

Moreover, you must buy new equipment if any of it malfunctions or is destroyed. Lastly, you must not do any hesitation to spend the veterinary expenses for your Plakat betta. It can be considered as an occasional expense.

Categories Of ExpensesCosts
Betta Food$5-$30
Electricity cost$5-$15
Total Cost$12-$55

3. Occasional Cost

There will be some uninvited costs for which you should be prepared beforehand. You can term it as an occasional cost for your Plakat betta fish.

Categories of ExpensesCosts
Equipment replacement cost$5-$20
Veterinary cost$10-$100

Before You Go…

Since you’ve got a detailed idea about the possible budget of owning a Plakat betta, you might wonder about their lifespan. Do you want to know about the average lifespan and ways of prolonging the lifespan of your Plakat betta? Then, you must take a tour through the following article.

How Long Do Plakat Bettas Live?

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