Are Plakat Bettas Aggressive?

While getting flattered by noticing the close resemblance of Plakat betta fish with their wild counterparts, you might be familiar with their fighting spirit. Although another name for all betta fish is Siamese fighting fish, some bettas tend to have a light mood. To make careful selections of tank mates according to temperament, many betta lovers ask in betta forums- are Plalat bettas aggressive?

Plakat betta fish are extremely territorial fish that can fight to death. These short-finned Plakat bettas have such bad temperament that you can’t keep these bettas in any community tank. Especially, the male Plakat bettas are more aggressive than the female Plakat bettas.

In this article, I’ve penned down the temperament of Plakat betta, the comparison of aggression between male and female Plakat betta, the possibilities of keeping other tank mates due to their aggression, etc.

So, let’s delve into the details if you are keen to know more about the aggression of Plakat betta fish.

Key Takeaways

  • Plakat bettas are more territorial fish than the other varieties of fancy betta fish.
  • The aggression of male Plakat bettas is a bit higher than that of female Plakat bettas.
  • Each male Plakat betta needs to be kept alone in a single tank.
  • The female Plakat bettas can be kept in a sorority of 4-6 members.

Plakat Betta Temperament

Plakat betta fish are specially bred for fighting and are popular for their feisty behavior.

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To claim their territory, Plakat betta fish tend to get involved with any new intruder in their tank. In the wild, these Plakat bettas fight with other freshwater fish to show their dominance.

According to the experienced owners, Plakat betta fish have such terrible temperaments that no freshwater shrimp can peacefully share a tank with these bettas. If any creature enters the territory of Plakat betta fish, these aggressive betta fish may fight to death.

Are Plaket Bettas More Aggressive?

In the world of 73 recognized betta varieties, Plakat bettas are known to be the most aggressive variety of betta species. Although people often consider the ornamental betta fish more aggressive, Plakat bettas surpass the limit of aggression from all other betta varieties.

Comparison Between Male And Female Plakat Betta Aggression

The territorial trait is present among male and female Plakat betta irrespective of gender. These Plakat bettas are bred for fighting and showing notorious aggression.

Compared to female Plakat betta, the male Plakat bettas are highly territorial towards other Plakat bettas or freshwater fish. These male Plakat bettas have super cranky personalities for which these bettas can not tolerate the presence of other fish in their territory.

Also, the male Plakat bettas are required to showcase themselves toward the female Plakat bettas for breeding purposes. So, this is a significant reason behind slightly more aggression of male Plakat betta fish over the female Plakat bettas.

Due to their bad temperament, the experts suggest keeping each male Plakat betta in a single tank. Otherwise, the male Plakat bettas may fight to the death with other tank mates for their defense.

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On the other hand, the female Plakat bettas are also highly aggressive due to their way of being reared. To establish a hierarchy in their place, female Plakat bettas often get involved in fighting with the members of their sorority. However, the female Plakat bettas can be called a bit less territorial than the male Plakat bettas since the female bettas can be kept in a small group.

Are Plakat Bettas Aggressive To Other Fish?

What else can you expect from a betta fish that is bred specially for fighting? In the past, these short-finned bettas were subjected to gambling matches. Thus, the trait of aggression has been inherited among Plakat betta fish for a long period.

So, Plakat betta can be a role model if you are looking for a highly territorial spirit animal. After all, these Plakat bettas are aggressive towards not only their own family but also other fish.

If any fish of other species enter the territory, these Plakat bettas will not tolerate such invasion. No matter how peaceful their tank mates are, these territorial bettas do not mind showing their aggression on any similar-looking fish.

Can Plakat Bettas Live Together?

Considering the cranky personality and aggressive temperament, the experts recommend not to keep Plakat bettas together. In the case of male Plakat bettas, it’ll be a strict ‘no’ to maintain a community tank.

To ensure the well-being of your Plakat bettas, it is recommended to only keep one male in a single tank. However, it is possible to keep female Plakat bettas together in a group of 4-6, creating a sorority in the tank.

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To keep female Plakat bettas together, you must maintain some rules. Such as all female Plakat bettas should be of the same size and age. Also, you must not keep your Plakat bettas hungry, which can trigger their aggression.

Before You Go

I hope this article has given you a broad picture of the aggression of Plakat Betta. If you want to include a new addition of Plakat betta into your aquarium, you must afford the cost of basic requirements and additional expenses. Without any further ado, you can take a quick look at the following article about the expense of Plakat bettas.

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