Are Crowntail Bettas More Aggressive?

Crowntail Betta Fish Are Crowntail Bettas More Aggressive?

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If there is any betta with the popularity of stunning fin rays and aggressive temperament, it’ll be Crowntail betta fish. Because them being renowned as bullies, the betta owners often hesitate to keep other tank mates with Crowntail betta fish. Hence, there is a common question circulating among betta hobbyists- are Crowntail bettas more aggressive?

In the case of comparing the temperament among betta fish, Crowntail bettas are more aggressive than almost many other bettas. These betta fish are naturally high-territorial and born-fighters. These Crowntail betta fish aren’t suitable to keep in a community tank due to their territorial and aggressive behavior.

If you want to know details about Crowntail betta fish temperament, you can go through this write-up. In this article, I’ll explain details about the aggression comparison between male and female Crowntail betta, the possibility of keeping other tank mates due to their aggression, and so on.

So, let’s take a look without any further ado.

Is Crowntails Aggressive?

The answer is yes! Crowntail bettas are known as super-aggressive betta fish.

These Crowntail bettas are highly territorial. Sometimes, these Crowntail betta fish become so aggressive to attack their reflection. Due to their aggressive temperament, Crowntail bettas can not be kept with the same size fish.

Is Crowntail Betta More Aggressive?

Although Crowntail bettas are aggressive towards their species and other fish, these fish aren’t more aggressive. If you compare the aggression of all betta fish, placket betta fish will be on top of the list.

But, Crowntail betta fish are more aggressive than many other betta fish. Such as Veiltail betta, Dumbo betta. Spade tail betta, Round tail betta, Double tail betta, etc. 

You can also take a look at this article to know whether Veiltail bettas are less aggressive. 

Crowntail Betta Are Crowntail Bettas More Aggressive?

Which Crowntail Bettas Are More Aggressive: Male or Female?

Irrespective of gender, both male and female Crowntail bettas are slightly aggressive. But, you might ask whether the male Crowntail betta is more aggressive than the female Crowntail betta.

In the comparison of the temperament, male Crowntail betta fish tend to be more aggressive than female Crowntail betta. These male Crowntail bettas often try to create their territory.

Hence, the male Crowntail betta fights with other bettas and tank mates. These male bettas are so bullying that the experts suggest not keeping multiple male Crowntail bettas together. On the other hand, the aggression of female Crowntail betta does not go nearby the aggression of male bettas.

Can Crowntail Bettas Live Together?

Noticing the spiky tail and fins, you might want to add multiple Crowntail bettas in your aquarium. But, you might give a second thought to this decision due to their aggressive temperament. 

You must not keep two male Crowntail bettas to share a tank. These male Crowntail bettas will bite, nibble, and bully each other. Due to their high territorial nature, sometimes male Crowntail bettas tear apart others’ fins and tails.

For this reason, the experts forbid keeping more than one male Crowntail betta in an aquarium. But, multiple female Crowntail betta can share a tank. If you want to breed your Crowntail betta, you can keep male and female Crowntail betta together. 

Can Crowntail Bettas Live With Other Fish? 

Keeping Crowntail betta with other fish seems like gambling to the lives of these fish. Crowntail bettas are considered potential threats to other fish. 

Since Crowntail bettas aren’t community fish, you shouldn’t keep these bettas with other fish. But, you can keep some fish on an experimental basis.

There are some options to keep Crowntail bettas with other fish. For example Neon tetras, fast-moving guppies, bottom-dwelling fish, cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, etc. If your Crowntail betta starts attacking these tankmates, you should separate these fish. 

Crowntail Betta Groups Are Crowntail Bettas More Aggressive?

Crowntail Betta Flaring At Me

There might remain several reasons for the flaring up of Crowntail betta fish. You can also find a relation with the aggression and flare-up of your Crowntail betta fish.

When your Crowntail betta shows territorial behavior against its tank mates, it may try to appear bigger by flaring up. You can consider it as a threatening behavior of your Crowntail betta fish. These aggressive bettas may want to frighten other fish by flaring up their body.

Sometimes, Crowntail betta considers their reflection as their enemy. As a result, you might notice these fish showing such an aggressive response of flaring up their body.

Before You Go

I hope you got a clear idea about the aggression of Crowntail betta from this article. In the ending, I’ve discussed the flaring up of Crowntail betta, which makes them appear bigger. If you wonder about the actual size of the Crowntail betta, you should click the following article.

How Big Do Crowntail Bettas Get?

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