Are Bamboo Shrimps Hard to Keep?

Despite having a simple look, Bamboo Shrimps show distinctive behaviors from time to time. Because of this fact, I’ve seen many people keeping different species of shrimps yet are confused about bamboo shrimps. If it’s also giving you a panic attack, then it’s pretty common to ask, “Are Bamboo Shrimp hard to keep?”

Keeping bamboo shrimps in your water tank is an easy task. The “calm and quiet” nature, peaceful activity, and compatibility with other species make it less difficult to keep. If you choose a large space, you’ll also find it simple to feed your shrimp.

To let you get educated, I’m going to share what things you need to consider while keeping bamboo shrimps, the ideal tank capacity, what is the easiest species to pet, and so on. Let’s dive right in!

Bamboo Shrimp Overview & Facts

bamboo shrimp overview and facts

Is It Hard to Keep Bamboo Shrimp?

Put a smile on your face as keeping bamboo shrimp isn’t that hard. Basically, it is free from the necessity of special care and maintenance as it itself can take care of it. On top of that, you’re allowed to keep multiple shrimps together, especially if the tank space is sufficient enough.

Nonetheless, just like your other aquatic pet, you need to be aware of its preferred maintenance conditions, like cleaning the tank after a certain period, feeding it, breeding, and so forth!

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Things to Consider While Keeping Bamboo Shrimp

It’s a wise idea to consider the following things if you want to keep bamboo shrimps in the best way possible:

  • Don’t forget to keep your tank well-cleaned. For this, changing the water after a certain period is a “must.”
  • During a clean-up, make sure to wipe algae away from your tank, if possible.
  • Pay attention to your bamboo shrimp to confirm whether it is interested in an old shell or not.  If not, then feel free to take it off.
  • In case you spot a sick bamboo shrimp, ensure to isolate it right away. Otherwise, other bamboo shrimps may get infected, which is what you don’t expect, right?
  • Stay away from adding the chemical that includes copper, as it spreads toxicity to your bamboo shrimps.

Are Bamboo Shrimp Hard to Feed?

It’s a tad bit difficult for someone to feed their bamboo shrimp, especially for beginners. Basically, it tends to get plenty of food while passing its life in the wild. But when we talk about keeping it in our water tank, bamboo shrimps face complications at times to get their desired food sources. So, as an aquarist, make sure they aren’t fasting.

I personally suggest getting a tank size of at least 76 L (20 gallons) if you want to pet a single bamboo shrimp. This is how you can confirm a better availability of food as the size will be relatively bigger for it.

Why Is It Hard to Bread Bamboo Shrimp?

Unfortunately, bamboo shrimps larvae are unable to survive in clear water as it requires brackish water to get into a mature form. So, the bitter truth about bamboo shrimps is that they are very difficult to bread in tanks.

As a result, if your purpose of buying bamboo shrimps is for breeding, then I’d highly recommend relying on other species to get the best outcomes.

How Many Bamboo Shrimp Can I Keep Together In My Tank?

According to expert aquarists, it is better and safe keeping only one shrimp in your single tank. That said, there is nothing wrong with switching to keep multiple shrimps together. But for this, the capacity of your tank should be at least around 75 gallons or more.

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Can I Keep My Bamboo Shrimp with Every Type of Fish?

Speaking of compatibility, bamboo shrimps can easily make a good bonding with other common variants, including Amano, Ghost Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp, Vampire Shrimp, etc. In a nutshell, it can smoothly pass its life with almost every mid-sized tropical fish.

That said, you shouldn’t mix it with Oscars, Goldfish, Jack Dempseys, and such fishes as they may eat up your Bamboo Shrimp. Along with those, an aquarium Crayfish may also harm your Bamboo Shrimp, which is what you must avoid keeping in your tank.

Will My Bamboo Shrimp Eat Fish If I Keep Them Together?

Even though Bamboo Shrimp are known to be omnivore-type doesn’t mean they will eat up or attack your other aquarium fishes! In fact, you’ll find it relatively calm, quiet, peaceful, and much more friendly with other creatures in your tank.

From boneless food pallets to remaining fish food, shrimps will stay limited in between them. As a result, you won’t find it a complicated job to feed the bamboo shrimps unless the tank appears small in size.

What Is the Ideal Tank Size To Keep A Single Bamboo Shrimp?

For every individual Bamboo Shrimp, the water tank should have at least 20 gallons of total capacity. Although I’ve personally seen some aquarists choosing a small tank to keep, this isn’t going to be a good decision at all.

Ask why? Because the species seems to be a bit large in size, which is why it requires some extra space to find its desired food. If not, then your bamboo shrimp will face complications while getting food.

And yes, never dream about breading in the small room as it is nearly impossible!

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Is it Important to Keep Plants with Bamboo Shrimp?

One of the most necessary things you need to incorporate in your tank with the shrimp is plants! Generally, the creature considers them as its natural habitat, so adding a couple of plants allows your bamboo shrimps to feel like they are living in their own house.

Furthermore, if you incorporate extra plants, finding food becomes a piece of cake for your loving pet. The species also use them for climbing around and taking rests. Consequently, it turns easier to keep bamboo shrimp if you spend on some common aquarium plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the ideal water parameter for keeping bamboo shrimp?

Speaking of the water temperature, you shouldn’t cross the limit between 70 – 78 degrees Fahrenheit, including a pH level of 6.5-8.0 and water hardness of about 3-10 dKH. Checking the parameter on a daily basis is a good idea to hold this consistency.

Q. What are the common things I need to keep in my bamboo shrimp tank?

LED light, some bushy plants, a water conditioner, a heater, and smooth stones are considered some of the basic things you’ll require to keep with your bamboo shrimp. In order to boost up your tank’s ecosystem, it’s equally necessary to keep a suitable sponge filter.

Q. Which size bamboo shrimp can I keep in my 20-gallon water tank?

A single Bamboo Shrimp of medium-to-large size can easily live in your 20-gallon water tank. When it gets fully mature, you’ll find its size around 2-3”, which can also pass its life right there without any trouble. 

Final Words

So, are bamboo shrimp hard to keep? The answer is going to be a big “No!” If you follow the proper guideline and instructions I’ve mentioned above, nothing can stop you from keeping a Bamboo Shrimp with little effort. In fact, it’s so peaceful, calm, and easy to feed in large areas.

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